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Geaux Ride offers glow-in-the-dark bike tours around Capital City

See Baton Rouge from a glowing perspective with Geaux Ride, glow-in-the-dark bike tours that travel through the downtown Baton Rouge and the LSU area. 

Baton Rouge native Charles Daniel II started Geaux Ride after living in New Orleans for a few years and noticing how bikes were so commonly used and engrained in their way of life. After cycling turned into a social hobby among his friends, he decided to bring his love of cycling back to Baton Rouge.

Daniel wanted to introduce a fitness initiative to Baton Rouge that was not only a way to stay healthy and exercise but was also a social activity to do with friends.

“It provides a fitness outlet, a healthy outlet to socialize, celebrate and entertain,” Daniel said. “People really leave with a smile on their face and a slight tingle in their thighs.”

Geaux Ride’s tours travel around Downtown Baton Rouge, and some tours travel to the LSU area. Some tours even stop at local restaurants for a quick break and bite. The tours are set at a slow and steady pace and are not designed to wear you out. For Geaux Ride, socializing is key.

One of Daniel’s favorite parts of Geaux Ride is being able to show people the best parts of Baton Rouge, including the local architecture, the Old State Capitol at night and the beauty of Memorial Park.

“It was my way of giving back to a community that gave so much to me,” Daniel said. “The cycling allows me to share [the things I love about Baton Rouge] with others. I knew the community would embrace the beauty I saw in Baton Rouge as well.”

Geaux Ride tours offer more than a fitness outlet. For some, riding a bike can trigger nostalgic feelings of the worry-free times of riding bikes in one’s childhood. For others, Geaux Ride serves as an opportunity for friends and family to get together for an invigorating, social experience.

Geaux Ride offers hour-long tours through Downtown Baton Rouge on Fridays and Saturdays. These tours include music and customizable glow in the dark bicycles and accessories. Every Thursday, Geaux Ride offers a free ride to the public if you bring your own bike, or you can rent one for $25. You can keep up with Geaux Ride by following their Instagram here.


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