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Goat Yoga is coming to the LSU UREC

From celebrities to office retreats, a new form of yoga has been on the rise. Now, students and members of the LSU UREC will be able to interact with some furry friends through the UREC’s second installment of its GroupX: Happy Hour series. 

As a mid-semester break to encourage relaxation, the UREC will host goat yoga on the Parade Ground on Wednesday, Oct. 23. 

UREC Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness Melissa Mapson said in a report by The Reveille that the UREC is partnering with a vet student to bring the animals to campus.

For those new to the goat yoga world, this latest craze is a form of animal therapy that comes with many health benefits, including reducing the symptoms of stress. Yoga itself is known for its cardiovascular benefits, and adding a goat in the mix grants you even more therapeutic effects.

photo source: The Wall Street Journal

There will be about three goats at the UREC’s event that will be interacting with participants as they engage in different yoga poses. During most goat yoga sessions, goats may climb on participants as they hold their balance in positions like plank or child’s pose. 

Mapson hopes this encourages people to have fun with fitness. 

“Fitness shouldn’t just necessarily be like, ‘I have to be miserable the entire time,’” Mapson said to The Reveille

While attending goat yoga, common safety practices include tying your hair up (so the goats don’t chew!), wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirtied by a few goat licks and minding the area around you for “accidents.”

The UREC encourages participants to bring their own yoga mat and water bottles, as well as to register for the event from Oct. 9 to 23. Participation of goat yoga at the UREC is free, and all skill levels are welcome. If you’re looking for more goat yoga events in your area, Old Rusty Gate Farm in Livingston will hold a goat yoga session on Nov. 9 for $25. Paradigm Gardens along with Move Ya Brass in New Orleans is also hosting two sessions this fall.


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