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Gobble Gobble

By Joseph Eaglin

When thinking of things to do for Thanksgiving and its following weekend, you probably already feel as if you have a ton of options. With there being such an active, interesting and growing bar scene around Baton Rouge, it only stands to reason that if you find yourself going out before Thanksgiving, it better be for a pretty good reason. It also stands to mention that the entertainment you’re seeking better have something that makes it stand out from the crowd. I know I wouldn’t want to brave this chilly weather only for a dud of an evening. Thinking on options for your pre-Thanksgiving needs, The Station is offering up Gobble Palooza for four fun filled nights.

Described as a “reunion of sorts,” by The Station co-owner Robert Graham, guests will be able to enjoy themselves with familiar faces they may have not seen in a while. Providing entertainment on multiple days, you’re going to have a good time during whichever night you decide to show up. Graham understands that people are going to be looking for something after they get done eating on Thanksgiving, so The Station is offering itself up as a valid option when it comes to entertaining after the turkey and ham have lost their luster. Whether it’s on Wednesday night or even on Thanksgiving Day, The Station will be open to serve all your nightlife needs.

According to Graham, there’s a great deal of talent in the city of Baton Rouge, and The Station serves to showcase and point out that talent. With the city constantly expanding, there’s going to be more and more options popping up, and it’s good to see a place like The Station giving back to the city and its inhabitants while also promoting them.

Speaking on Gobble Palooza itself, the event has been running for a strong and solid 10 years now, getting better and better with age. With The Station standing around for what will be 28 years now, it’s a brilliant testament to its ability to entertain its patrons and survive the test of time.  If you haven’t been to The Station or Gobble Palooza, Graham reminds you to “Give us a try for great food, fun and entertainment.”  With four nights of fun and talent coming your way this weekend, along with the kitchen staying open until 1 a.m. every night serving reasonably priced meals, what have you got to lose? Take care to try the hamburgers too, they’re something to be reckoned with, and you have our interest and the owner’s recommendation backing you up on your decision.

For the lead-up to everything, Kipp-A-palooza, on Wednesday night, is the event that brings in your friends from all over, and is bound to be a great time just on its own. What could only be described as the spark for the hot item that is Gobble Palooza, Kipp-A-palooza is what turns the oven on and gets everyone revved up for the following days and festivities! Through word of mouth and the fervor of its attendees, Kipp-A-palooza is the reunion of everything you love about The Station: friends, entertainment, and an overall good time.


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