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Great Outdoors: A few good reasons for everyone to get outside

Explore town

If there are parts of town that you have been meaning to check out, you can almost guarantee that there are parks to visit.  BREC facilities are scattered all throughout Baton Rouge, from City Park in the Garden District to Independence Park in Mid-City, parks are a great reason to check out a new part of town.

Experience history

Baton Rouge was shaped by a number of historical events, many of which are memorialized in great outdoor areas. A key example is Arsenal Park, near the Louisiana State Capital. Arsenal Park started out as an Army post in the 1800s, and through one of its many lives held the original LSU football field. Today it has beautifully manicured gardens overlooking Capitol Lake, and also features the Old Arsenal Museum.

Get in shape

Researchers say that you burn 30 percent more calories doing the same cardio exercises outside than if you do them in the gym, so exercising outdoors is the way to go!  Whether you are biking on the top of the levee or running on the 5K paths at Highland Road Community Park, there are countless opportunities for getting in shape outdoors.

Try out new sports

Maybe you don’t like the idea of running, and you’d prefer to watch football on TV than play it yourself.  Luckily options abound in Baton Rouge for trying different outdoor sports that have much smaller fan bases but are still a lot of fun. Whether you are interested in trying stand-up paddleboarding at University Lake or trying out the climbing wall at the Perkins Road Community Park, all you have to do is check the schedule and show up.

Go swimming

We all know that summer is going to get hot this year.  When you need to cool off, look no further than North Baton Rouge. The Blackwater Conservation Area features a trail network that includes a path to a shady, sandy beach on the Amite River. The cold water is the perfect way to relax after the hot hike in to the beach.

Take a hike

Just north of Baton Rouge is Port Hudson State Historic Site, which is the site of the longest siege in U.S. military history. There are miles of hiking trails winding through the woods of the site, allowing you to hike for hours just outside the city. Be sure to bring a water bottle!

Go on a day trip

A little over an hour north of Baton Rouge is the Clark Creek Natural Area in Pond, Mississippi. With over 700 acres of woods in rolling hills, Clark Creek offers all day adventure. The highlight of the area is the creek itself, which tumbles through seven cascades throughout the preserve. After hiking the waterfalls, stop at the Pond Store for a true rural Mississippi experience before coming home.

Try some new forms of golf

Everybody knows the general idea behind golf, and most people have even tried their hand at mini golf before. If you’re tired of the game as we know it, though, Baton Rouge has new forms of the old game. The most popular is Frisbee golf, or frolf, at a number of courses all over the city. However, the real treat is footgolf. Footgolf features the same rules as regular golf, only players use a soccer ball and the hole is three feet wide!

Learn about nature

There are many places around the city for not just experiencing nature, but learning about it. The Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center and the Burden Museum and Gardens are just two of the places that Baton Rougeans can discover all that they didn’t know about our natural environment.

Spend time with your furry friends

Who said all of this outdoor fun was just for humans?  There are five dog parks spread out throughout East Baton Rouge Parish, and your pups will be able to run free and make friends of their own. Remember, our dogs enjoy the outdoors too, and they deserve their own adventures!


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