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Greek Corner: Catching up with Kappa Alpha Theta chief marketing officer Delery Perret

Last week DIG caught up with Jordan Qaddourah, the president of Kappa Alpha Theta, and she shared her experiences and memories she’s made while being apart of the organization. This week DIG continues to learn more about the executive team that makes up this Greek organization. Delery Perret, the chief marketing officer of Theta explains just why this chapter continues to thrive with its philanthropy.


What are some events you put on to support Theta’s philanthropy, CASA?

“This year, instead of Catfish for CASA, we will be holding a new event called, CASA Carnival. There will be food and activities that you would find at a state fair, like a dunk booth, face painting, popcorn, and jambalaya dinners. We also hold several other, small-scale events throughout the year to support our philanthropy, such as Cupcakes for CASA, where for $2, people can come in and decorate cupcakes that we have baked for them!”


What does your job, as Chief Marketing Officer, entail?

“My job has the biggest focus group on our executive team. I work very closely with my committee to plan and do the marketing for all of our events.”
What is your best memory in Theta?

“My dad and I have always been really close. During my freshman year, he was involved in a life-altering motorcycle accident. When I heard the news, I rushed to the hospital to meet him, and the doctor warned me that he may never be able to walk again. I spent so many nights in the ICU with him. A week later, I visited the Theta house, and to my surprise, I was greeted with a big get-well-soon card to give to my dad. All of the members signed it, and it showed me how much my sisters really care about me.”


How have you grown by being a member and leader of Kappa Alpha Theta?

“In high school, I always wanted to fit in and be the person who everybody liked to be around. Theta has taught me how to be myself; I learned that it is okay to have my own values and to be my own person. I am graduating soon, and I don’t know where life will take me, but at least I know who I am as a person.”


How do you balance school and a leadership position in Theta?

“Balancing school and my leadership position has definitely been a learning process for me. I also work 15-20 hours a week, so sometimes it gets hectic. Something that I do to keep myself balanced is make lists of everything I have to do for that week – for school, for Theta, and for work. My planner shows each day hourly and it allows me to realistically plan out my week.”


Where are you from, and why did you decide to go to LSU?

“I’m from Prairieville, LA. Almost my entire family has attended LSU. My mom and my dad both attended. Then my older brother came to school here and met my sister-in-law. Now I’m here and so are my two younger brothers… it’s definitely a family tradition!”


What are some things you have learned through your position as Chief Marketing Officer of Theta?

“I have learned so much in the four short months that I have been CMO. I’ve learned how to work effectively and efficiently with other leaders and members of our chapter. I’ve learned how to compromise and collaborate. Most importantly, I have gotten over my fear of public speaking (I guess that’s what happens when you have to stand in front of 300 girls every week).”


How do you plan to change Theta while holding a leadership position?

“One of my biggest goals in Theta is to leave it better than it was when I joined. As CMO I have the incredible opportunity to plan our signature philanthropy event with our Service and Philanthropy Director, Taylor. Our philanthropy, Court Appointed Special Advocates, is truly a special organization. Taylor and I have already completely changed our event! For the first time ever, we are hosting CASA Carnival this April. We are so excited to share our vision with the LSU and Baton Rouge community. It costs about $1000 for CASA to support one child for an entire calendar year, so we have set out to raise enough money to support 20 children from May 2016-2017. $20,000 is daunting, but I know that our chapter can accomplish it.”


What is the best advice you would want to leave for freshmen women? 

“Joining a house of 300+ women is terrifying, but once you step out of your comfort zone, you will never regret it. Being a Greek woman has empowered me to take on so many opportunities that I never would have dreamed of without the love and support of my sisters. In everything you do – from sorority life to academics – you get back what you put in. So put your heart out there and you will gain the friendship of the most intelligent, most beautiful, and down right best women you will ever meet.”

Photo courtesy of Kristen Barrett.


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