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Greek Corner: Chatting with Kappa Alpha Theta’s President, Jordan Qaddourah

Kappa Alpha Theta is one of the many sororities on LSU’s campus. DIG caught up with Jordan Qaddourah, president of the chapter, to learn about her role in the sorority.


What does your job, as president, entail?

“As president, I am in constant communication with advisors and other officers in the chapter. I make sure everything is running smoothly, and I handle situations when they come up, finding a solution as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Other than that, I make sure to make myself available for the girls. I want to be there for them for any problems they may have, big or small.”


Did Theta participate in Spring Rush?

“Yes, we did Spring Rush this year. We had a couple of parties and welcomed a few new members, so we are really excited about that!”


What inspired you to become leaders of Theta?

“My close friend, Delery and I were suite-mates during our freshman year, and we always took a liking to leadership. When we both became members of Theta, we got involved with the chapter in every way we could. It wasn’t long after that we were asked to take on leadership roles.”


What is your best memory in Theta?

“Classes were cancelled recently due to bad weather. It was a little break for everybody to relax. A few members of Theta and I went to our house and watched a bunch of movies together. We got to spend quality time with each other, and it ended up being a great day.”


How have you grown by being a member and leader of Kappa Alpha Theta?

“Theta has boosted my confidence level tremendously. It can be very intimidating joining a sorority as a freshman, but I have grown so much and have become the strong, confident person that I am today.”



Being a female leader of a major sorority, what other female leaders inspire you? 


“Female leaders that really inspire me are women who are bold enough to say the things that everyone else is too scared to mention, or things that they don’t feel they can proclaim to the world. Anyone that knows me knows how much I am obsessed with Amy Poehler, not only for her being Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation, but I feel like she’s always empowering women to be themselves and to not to let anyone else tell them what they can and cannot do. She is an iconic role model for female empowerment and she makes me want to be strong and confident in the things that I set out to do, regardless of what others think I’m able to accomplish. This really impacts me in the sorority, because with a chapter as large as 300 girls, it’s so important to me that I push myself to be confident in my decisions when I feel that what I am doing is the best move for the chapter as a whole.”


How has your position as president molded you for life beyond the college world? 


“Wow this is a big one, I’m actually wondering if any job I have after this will be as tough as this one. Being President has, without a doubt, challenged me. With being only a few months into the job, I don’t know what the rest of the year will bring me, which honestly excites me and scares me at the same time. The job is filled with being prepared for what you know is coming, and being prepared for the things that you don’t know are coming. This position has really shaped me in regard to taking situations as they come and doing my best to handle them in the time that I’m given to react.


For my life beyond college, I think being scared or nervous about pursuing something means you’re onto something that could really change your life, and if you don’t challenge yourself or take a chance then you’ll never change. I took this chance to put myself out there in applying for President, and here I am, just so unbelievably honored that I’ve been granted this opportunity and experience. And I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t applied. Also, one of the past presidents said if you go to bed every night exhausted, you’re doing your job. And that’s how I want to feel in whatever it is I pursue after college. I want to know that I’ve poured all that I can into each day of my work or involvement of an organization, because if I want to be head over heals passionate and enthusiastic about whatever it is I do in the future the way that I am about Theta.”


What is your favorite event put on by Kappa Alpha Theta? 


“My favorite event put on by Kappa Alpha Theta is Grand Convention. Our Convention happens biannually and luckily for me, our next Convention is this summer! The reason this is my favorite event that Theta does as a whole is because Thetas from all over the world come together. More importantly, you truly experience how Theta can bring people together who have never met, but already feel like family, and this event shows you how Theta is truly for a lifetime. It’s something I’ve seen in our local alumnae chapter, where women who were in the same pledge class decades ago still get together regularly and are still making memories together. There are so many people I am close to in Theta right now, and I truly hope that one day I’m in my 50’s and 60’s laughing with the girls that I joined Theta with here at LSU, and to keep that Theta bond in my years to come.


My favorite event that our LSU Theta chapter does is Big Little Reveal. I absolutely adore my Big and my Little and it was one of the most exciting times during my years in Theta. My Little is my other half, I met her during Recruitment and instantly loved her. It was stressful when she joined because I was wondering if she wanted someone else to be her Big instead of me, and so I showered her with gifts for weeks and always made a point to hang out with her or grab yogurt once a week leading up to Big/Little Reveal. And then I was just over the moon when I knew she’d officially be my Little. I found out later she was just as nervous as I was, which explains when I revealed I was her Big she literally picked me up and spun me around the room! I don’t know how to explain it, but the bond of being her Big is like I always want the best for her and she allows me to be myself no matter how many terrible puns I continue to tell. We’ve made so many crazy and exciting memories together and I have no doubt that she and I will still be together and making more memories decades from now. I can’t imagine who or where I would be without her love and support.”


What are some challenges being President of Kappa Alpha Theta? 


“Like I said earlier, the challenges come when uncertainty arises. Most of the time these situations require you to react in a timely manner, and to act as effectively as possible. I have to make sure that I’m taking every factor into account and that my decision is ultimately what is best for the chapter. The other challenge is trying new things. People in general can be very hesitant to change, but one of the things about our Executive Board and Officers that truly excited me for this year was all the new ideas and initiative everyone was ready to take on! I saw this hope and this vision of what the future of our chapter could be in five, even ten years from now with the kind of enthusiasm that our girls had and the kind of change they wanted to implement. I am always on board to try new things. However, change can be uncomfortable for some, so we’ve really tried our best to ease the chapters’ mind and say, “this is going to take some adjusting but it’s going to be really great; its important to have faith in what could be”. Like I said earlier, you have to take on challenges if you want to see change, and my ultimate goal is to know that I could lead our girls and take part in improving our chapter, putting us on the road for even more success in the future, even after I’m gone and graduated.”


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