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Greek Corner: How Greek are you?

1. On a daily basis, I wear an oversized t-shirt with Nike Shorts?
a. Everyday
b. Occasionally
c. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that

2. What is your typical go-to drink?
a. Tito’s and Red Bull
b. Beer/Wine
c. I live a very dry life.

3. Lilly Pulitzer.
b. Indifferent
c. Who?

4. Chaco’s and Birkenstocks.
a. They go with everything!
b. Eh
c. Looks like something Christ’s disciples would have worn

5. Diet Coke.
a. Best. Thing. Ever.
b. I don’t mind it
c. Gross

6. Starbucks.
a. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
b. Espresso
c. No coffee for me

7. Glitter.
a. If it is not covering every square inch of my chapter house on Bid Day, something is not right
b. What’s so great about glitter?
c. Biggest. Freaking. Mess.

8. Monogramming.
a. Everything that can be monogrammed has my initials or Greek letters sewn on it already
b. I like it sometimes
c. It’s overrated

9. “I have to go to the bathroom.”
a. *10 people follow you there*
b. My best friend comes with me
c. I go alone

10. Chipotle.
a. Life would not be complete without it
b. I could live without it
c. So overrated and not that good

11. “In my free time, I…”
a. Find out when the next big frat party is
b. Netflix
c. Read a book

12. There is a big exam coming up, how to you prepare?
a. Procrastinate until the night before and cram. It’ll be fine!
b. Study notes and hope for the best
c. I am skipping all social events two weeks prior to exam. I have to ace it!

13. Favorite Netflix show:
a. One Tree Hill
b. How I Met Your Mother
c. I don’t really watch Netflix

14. Favorite dinner
a. Sushi
b. Pizza
c. Italian

15. Favorite social media outlet
a. Snapchat
b. Twitter
c. Facebook

16. Favorite movie genre
a. Romantic comedy
b. Drama
c. Action

17. Frat parties
a. The best time you will ever have in your life!
b. Pretty fun
c. Not for me

18. Getting drunk…
a. Is a great part of life that needs to be experienced many, many times
b. Is pretty fun
c. Is a dumb thing to do

19. Your idea of a fun Friday night is…
a. Going out to the bars
b. Having a relaxing night with girl friends
c. Relaxing alone after a long week

20. Your idea of the best Spring Break trip:
a. Beachin’ with a ton of friends and a ton of alcohol
b. Going on vacation with a small group of friends
c. Enjoying some quality family time

Time to find out how Greek you really are!

Add up your points…
A’s: 5 points
B’s: 3 points
C’s: 1 point

Total: ____

75-100 points: You are 100% a frat guy/sorority girl. You enjoy having fun while you’re young and are always looking for the biggest and best parties! Your idea of a fun time is having a few drinks with friends and creating great memories (and making questionable decisions).

40-74 points: 50% Greek. You like to have fun, but you understand that things need to be taken seriously more times than not. You look forward to partying with your friends sometimes, but need alone time to get your priorities straight and take care of your responsibilities.

0-39 points: 0% Greek. You are responsible and and your idea of a fun Friday night is catching up on sleep after a long, stressful week. Instead of hitting up the bars with friends, you like to get together with a small group and enjoy quality time with the people who mean the most to you.

Editor’s Note: This quiz reflects the opinion of the author.


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