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Greek Corner: Pi Beta Phi house mother

Pi Beta Phi, a sorority that has been a part of LSU’s campus for over 75 years is dedicated to serving the community and being a friend to all. With over 300 members, Pi Beta Phi is best known for its diverse talents and service to others.

To learn a little more about this sorority, DIG caught up with Pi Phi’s house mother of three years, Deb Chapman. Known as “Mom Deb” to members of Pi Phi, she takes on numerous responsibilities to help keep the chapter house running smoothly.

Her day-to-day routine consists of overseeing the staff, making sure that everything is running efficiently, and ultimately keeping the women safe.

“I am lucky because I am in charge of good girls. They govern themselves; I just intervene if there is damage to the house or if they are in danger. They are all adults, and I expect them to act like it, and I am lucky because they all do.”

With the many events that take place in the chapter house, Chapman explained that she allows the social chair of Pi Phi to plan everything but she is the one that ultimately makes it happen.

“I want the girls to be exposed to new things. I want them to accept any opportunity that comes their way, and I want them to stay busy. Those who are the busiest are the most organized, and I want all the girls to be like that.”

Chapman has had many funny moments during her time as a housemother, and one in particular makes her laugh.

“When I was a house mother for Pi Phi in New Mexico, some house boys snuck into our house in the middle of the night. They managed to steal every piece of furniture in the dining room and place it on our back patio! I knew exactly who it was, and I couldn’t even be mad because they were so proud of themselves. It turned out to be a great day because the girls got a kick out of it, and we ended up having lunch outside since the weather was beautiful!”

Besides the occasional unexpected pranks, Chapman also explains some of her favorite times of the year, such as Bid Day.

She says, “The excitement of Bid Day is incredible! I love seeing how excited the girls are. They put paint and glitter on everything, including every square inch of the house. Bid Day is great, but I’m not laughing the next day while cleaning everything up.”

What advice does Chapman have for students?

“Always say ‘yes’ to every opportunity because it will open so many doors for you. Have an open-mind and stop denying opportunities that come your way. Always be involved and stay busy!”


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