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Baton Rouge beat maker AF THE NAYSAYER recently dropped his debut beat tape, The Autodidactic Instrumentals Vol. 1 on Sept. 2. The king of Dolo Jazz Suite chimed in to offer up a guest list of five albums that shaped his experimental sound.


Artist: Prefuse 73

Album : Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives 

I learned about this album in a Napster chat room during my adolescent years. I always imagine this album as the futuristic soundtrack to the graffiti documentary “Style Wars.” This album was also my first introduction to rapper Myka 9 of the Freestyle Fellowship, who I eventually collaborated with on my first vinyl release Imagerial Denouement. Still to this day, this is my favorite Prefuse 73 album.


Artist: CYNE

Album: Water for Mars

CYNE (Cultivating Your New Experience). One of the few hip-hop groups that I honestly feel like I can relate to. I first found out about CYNE original through Nujabes’ music (“Feather” on Modal Soul). CYNE is the most slept on rap outfit out of the South (Gainesville, FL). This was the first full length album I’d heard from the group, but I was familiar with their EP Running Waters first. I encourage anyone who loves hip-hop to listen to this record.


Artist: At the Drive-In

Album: Relationship of Commands 

I was lucky enough to know about At the Drive-In’s music earlier on due to a song being used in a Props BMX Magazine Issue. Their last album, Relationship of Commands, you can really tell that Omar and Cedric’s sounds and tastes were starting to mature, embracing their Latin roots and experimenting more in post-production compared to any of their other albums. I do not think this is necessarily the best ATDI album. In/Casino Out is my favorite album from them, and it served as the soundtrack of my high school years.


Artist: Pele

Album: The Nudes

Pele is one of my favorite bands of all time. They are an instrumental post-rock outfit, based out of Milwaukee, WI. Their music blurs the line between post-rock and jazz like Tortoise and the Mercury Program. This album brings me to a happy place. I originally found out about this band watching a skateboard video. This album was a gateway for me to find out about artists and bands like Four Tet, Sea and Cake, Tortoise, Tarentel etc.


Artist: Jan Jelinek

Album: Loop-finding-jazz-records

Jan Jelinek, what can I say? I have so much respect for him. He honestly changed the way I think about sampling and sound design. Jan has always been ahead of his time. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe this record was made in 2001. Deep lo-fi rhythms with a faint dash of hip-hop and house.


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