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Guy and Girl Codes to Live By

By Rickey Miller 

With MTV’s Guy Code + Girl Code Comedy Tour rolling through town over the weekend, we thought we’d get the campus’ thoughts on what codes are most important to them. 

You see your best friend’s significant other on Tinder and think I should say something, but you immediately have second thoughts. Saying something would put you in a lot of drama, but not saying anything would break guy/girl code between your best friend and yourself. The reality is that there’s no right solution for these types of situations.

Friends and Exes

Many folks share different opinions on matters relating to dating and relationships. For instance: is it okay to be friends with your ex’s friends?

“It really depends on the length of the relationship,” said Michaela Guillaume, 19-year-old marketing major.

Some would agree that the length of the relationship is important in making this decision; however, Bruce Ford, 23-year-old LSU sociology graduate, explained that the problem with continuing those friendships is the fact that it can hinder you from moving on.

“I don’t believe in going backward, and that also means friends of my ex,” said Ford.

What do you do?

Bros Before Heauxs?

You and your girlfriend have decided that it’s time for a break.  You both agree to continue to be faithful and committed while working on your relationship. Over the weekend you hooked up with a girl you met at the bar.  Monday morning you receive a call from your girlfriend screaming and freaking out, saying your best friend told her all about your weekend fling. Was guy code broken?

“Heck yea! Guy code was definitely broken.  My best friend should never feed my girlfriend incriminating information about me,” said Jay Landry, 21-year-old interdisciplinary studies major. This situation has actually happened to Landry, and he said it ruined his relationship with both his best friend and his then-girlfriend.

“Chick Stole My Man”

You find out your ex (who you just ended things with three weeks ago) has a new girlfriend.  Problem is, the new girlfriend is a mutual friend of yours, and you have even shared some of your feelings about your relationship with this friend.

“She definitely broke girl code,” said Kate Lowe, 19-year-old mass communication major. “I would definitely let her know how I feel. I may even think about punching her.”  Lowe said that no respectable girl would ever do that because it is a stab in the back.

“Shady Boots”

You and your best friend have planned a weekend get-a-way to Houston.  You two have decided to leave around 8 a.m. Saturday morning. On Friday, your best friend calls and says, “You know that cutie in our Spanish class?  Well, he asked me on a date this weekend.  As much as I hate to cancel, we should probably postpone our trip.”

“I would be upset and I believe that girl code was broken,” said Callie Miller 21-year-old mass communication major. She said that she would suggest to her best friend that maybe another weekend would be a better fit since their plans were already made.

“If she still canceled on me,” Miller said, “I would see it as her not valuing our friendship and would reconsider how close we are.”


You and your best friend are at a bar when the girl you’ve been crushing on all semester walks in with her best friend.  You immediately get her attention and begin a conversation. You’ve explained to your friend that you merely want to hook up with this girl and that he should disappear so you can have some alone time with her.  However, instead of disappearing, he begins interrupting your conversation nearly every second with his drunk anecdotes and jokes.  The girl finally looks at you and says “Well I was going to invite you and your friend over to hang out tonight, but clearly your friend is too intoxicated and probably needs to go home.”  She walks away and says, “See ya Monday!”

“What would I do? Before or after I punch my best friend in the throat?” said Logan Wright, 20-year-old sociology major. “He totally just cock blocked me… that’s bro code you just don’t break.”

Disagree with our rulings? Got a code violation you want to share with us? Let us know by using #TellDIG on Twitter. 


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