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GymFit takes over Foxy’s Gym, offers unique classes and community aspect

Founder Joshua Roberts describes GymFit as “a fitness buffet no longer solely focused on fitness;” a person of any age, interests and experience can find an activity at GymFit.

With the recent acquisition of Foxy’s Gym, GymFit can now also offer individuals not only a buffet of different classes, but also access to a 52,000 sq. foot facility located off Airline Hwy. The facility will include features like an outdoor pool, additional exercise rooms and, once construction is complete, a new Ninja Warrior rig, parkour course and rock climbing wall.

Although GymFit purchased the Foxy’s Gym location, Roberts still plans to honor the current gym memberships and as many of the current classes as possible. However, he does plan to get rid of the racquetball areas, tearing down the middle walls between them and converting them to Ninja Warrior rooms.

“The goal is to eventually have around 200 classes a week,” Roberts says.

The high amount of classes is made possible thanks to the different staff members – Roberts is joined by David Gabel, Erik Otts and Stephanie Lee, all partners and instructors at GymFit.

Gabel was an American Ninja Warrior contestant, Otts spins fire and teaches parkour and acro, and Lee was a break dancer and acrobat who assists with aerial classes and acrobatics.

In addition to adding more classes, Roberts also plans to build a bridge over the lobby to connect parts of the second floor, so members won’t have to travel through the lobby to get to different parts of the building. Additionally, he will add another building for parties and events, an outdoor stage, areas specifically for adults and eventually a rooftop lounge.

Although the new location is currently open and hosting certain classes, the facility is undergoing renovations. Roberts is hoping to have the facility finished and ready for its grand opening celebration in May of next year. The grand opening event will be a “big blowout,” Roberts says, adding that the goal is to turn it into a mini festival.

The aim for GymFit is to not only increase the facilities, but also build the community and social aspects as well.

“[We’re] trying to have more than just a gym where people walk in, put their head phones in, then walk out. Community is my thing,” Roberts says. “That’s what this new place will be called, like ‘GymFit’s Community Center’ versus the term ‘fitness.’ It’s a place where people can just come and play ping pong, sand volleyball or sit by the pool.”

The community and social feature of the gym stems from Roberts’ passion for socializing and meeting new people. His journey to GymFit has been rough, but his openness in talking about it is inspiration to those going through hard times to keep moving forward.

“Instead of wishing for the community you want, you should start the community you want,” Roberts says is the piece of advice from his mother and grandmother that kept him going and got him to where he is now.

To learn more about GymFit and the activities they offer, you can find information here.

Stay tuned next week as we try some of GymFit’s unique classes, starting with a hip-hop dance class taught by Saintsation Dylon Hoffpauir! 


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