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Harder, Better, Faster

By Nick BeJeaux

Red Stick Roller Derby bounced back from a rough ride at the 2015 Beach Brawl in Fort Lauderdale, returning home to shutout Houma’s Cajun Rollergirls and Columbus, Miss. Brawl Stars.

All Stars go all out for massive win over Cajun Rollergirls

Earlier this season, RSRD’s All Stars (4-4, 123) fell in WFTDA rankings from 121 to 128 after losing bouts in Fort Lauderdale. But with their 351-73 win over the Cajun Rollergirls (3-2, 212), they’re back on track.

The All Stars’ jamming rotation of Fun Size, Princess Lei-it Anya, Sparkles Fantastic, Hellz Belle, and team captain Little Miss Maggot combined with ferocious, fluid skating set the pace early for the match. Fun Size ran the first jam and racked up 14 points, followed by a 19-point jam by Princess and another massive jam by Fun Size for 29 points, bringing the score to 6-72 within the first 10 minutes of the match and setting the pace for many double-digit jams. Cajuns’ defense occasionally stopped the All Stars, but their furious pace adapted quickly. Maggot closed out the first half with a 14-point jam, finishing at 42-103.

Hellz Belle had a rough start in the second half as the Cajuns tried to rally against her to make up lost ground, but she managed to eventually break free. Unfortunately, her 15 point jam was cut short at 22:33 after taking a massive hit that dislocated her left shoulder and removed her from the bout.

Fun Size, Sparkles, and Maggot on the jam line kept the Cajuns subdued with jams averaging 15 points. While the Cajuns fought, their responses to BR’s offense gave brief interruptions at best. The disparity between the teams was apparent in the final bout with Maggot and Houma’s Delirium Trigger on the jam line. Maggot easily out skated the pack, taking grandslam after grandslam. Maggot called the match after scoring 25 points; Trigger managed only three.

Capital Defenders outpace Brawl Stars

While the Defenders (4-1) didn’t enjoy the same furious pace as the All Stars, they outpaced the Brawl Stars (2-2), earning a 287-193 victory.

From the beginning, this was a nail-biting bout. The Defenders’ Co-Captain Mad Hitter grabbed three points out of the gate before the Brawls Stars’ defense forced her to call off the jam. The Brawl Stars’ Shanaconda, who would become a top scorer of the bout, quickly grabbed the lead jammer position, only to have it stolen by fellow top scorer Racy Chapman. Both jammers managed 12 points, bringing the early score to 12-15, Brawl Stars.

Through the efforts of Irish Riot and Shanaconda, the Brawl Stars carried the momentum, but things changed within eight minutes. Jamming for the first time at home, Abeata Alli Gator scored a combined 25 points, putting a solid buffer between the Defenders and Brawl Stars, 52-24. But the bout swung back in favor of the Brawl Stars after a 14-point jam by Rollin’ Allen brought the bout to its closest margin, 86-87, Defenders.

Before the end of the first half, momentum swung yet again—this time it stuck. After Irish Riot was sent to the penalty box for cutting the track, Mad Hitter seized the opportunity for 14 points, ending the half at 103-91. Team Captain Blitzkrieg Bombshell said she used the 15-minute halftime to refocus her team.

“Earlier, they psyched us out and we lost our zen, but once we regained that, we started gaining more and more,” Blitzkrieg said.

It paid off when the Defenders’ subsequent jammer rotation of Abeata, Craze, G String, and Chapman scored double digit jams, culminating in an epic final bout between Madd Hitter and Rollin’ Allen. Mad scored a huge 26-point jam to end the bout; Allen scored 24.


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