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Haunted History

By Tara Bennett 

Halloween is a time when even the most timid may go ghost hunting for thrills and chills. With Hallow’s Eve approaching, DIG decided to check with Beau Vorhoff, host of the paranormal show “Haunted,” to get his take on the city’s scariest scenes. “Haunted” covers paranormal landmarks in the South utilizing reality-styled filming. Hear what Vorhoff has to say about some of these local haunts.

Spanish Moon

Supposedly, this downtown nightclub is inhabited by ghosts from the 1800s who died during the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927.

“Spanish Moon was one of one of the buildings they used as a temporary morgue during the flood,” said Vorhoff.

The bodies may have left, but a paranormal presence still wanders the old bar and has been caught on camera.

“We actually got a picture of a man,” said Vorhoff. “A lot of the bartenders would say when they were tending bar or cleaning up, they would feel someone standing behind them or they would hear glasses rattle or things like that.”

To lure the ghost, Vorhoff and his team recreated the activity that normally attracts the mischievous ghost.

“We had another team member taking pictures of the upstairs balcony, and we got a picture of a man from the upstairs balcony looking down at us,” said Vorhoff.

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s

In the early 1900’s, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s was a prime hotel that attracted state politicians as well as the mafia. The owners were eventually arrested for boot legging, and the dirty dealings that may have occurred there have left their mark. According to Vorhoff, while filming there one of the camera lights blew out and 10 minutes later, a crewmember was complaining about his back, which showed some horrifying results of paranormal activity.

“We lifted up his shirt, and there were two really large scratch marks down his back,” said Vorhoff.

Another incident at the bar involved items being knocked over on a shelf, which then came flying off at the team of investigators.

The 13th Gate

Yes, you read right. The popular Halloween haunt is supposedly really haunted. Specifically by what or whom is unknown, but nothing extremely significant has happened in the building’s history. Vorhoff believes the energy generated during Halloween could be a possible cause.

“There’s so many things at the 13th Gate, and I think it’s because people say hauntings are based on emotions, and I think with it being a haunted house, it’s got so much fear kind of amped up in it, so much energy,” said Vorhoff.

Vorhoff and his team have investigated the 13th Gate a few times, with several members of his cast refusing to go back there after their experiences.

“One of our team members actually felt like she was being molested to the point where she broke down crying and had to leave,” said Vorhoff.

According to Vorhoff, not only is the entity touchy feely, the team will experience loud bangs, their communication will go dead and electronics randomly shut off. If that was not frightening enough, during one session, random creepy, chanting was blared

“We had a camera in the audio room and we know no one went in there to turn anything on or off,” said Vorhoff.


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