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Summer is officially here, and you have the perfect swimsuit, a statement pair of shades, and flip-flops that will protect your feet from that hot, sandy beach. But there’s something still missing, and that is a new beauty look. Instead of splurging on the same old hairstyle or waxing, though, try mixing up your routine with one of these trending Red Stick treatments.

Eyelash Extensions: So, you weren’t born with thick eyelashes, and putting on falsies is a lesson in patience that you just don’t have. A shortcut to amazing eyelashes is eyelash extensions, a popular beauty treatment that delivers instant results for look-at-me length by gluing individual eyelash extensions onto one’s natural lashes. The extensions can last for weeks at a time, and since they shed in cycles, they can be refilled every 2-3 weeks. They don’t feel heavy against your eyes like falsies or look clumpy like with the wrong mascara.

Locals on the lookout for expert eyelash extension services look no further than Rush Salon and Erica Heagy, who is certified in Novalash eyelash extensions. Located on Jefferson Hwy, Rush Salon provides eyelash extensions that flatter clients’ unique facial features. The initial time for application takes two hours. What sets Rush Salon apart from others is that, instead of a base lash number, you receive as many lashes as possible in the allotted time. The full set costs $200 with a two-week refill at $50 and a three-week refill at $75.

Microblading: Overplucking your eyebrows is so over. Keep your peepers on fleek this summer by having them framed with fully-shaped brows through the newest trend–Microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattooing, dating back thousands of years, and is one of this year’s hottest looks.

Local makeup artist Danielle Kraft runs Microblading by Danielle out of Black Torch Tattoo on Perkins Road, where she has her own studio and works specifically on brows. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Kraft was a fulltime makeup artist and fell in love with the process of microblading and has worked on models as well as cancer patients in her career.

The procedure involves numbing the client’s eyebrows and then making tiny incisions to the skin along with implanting pigment to create hair-like strokes all by hand. The results look like natural, real hair and can last up to two years. Prices are $450 for the initial appointment and $150 for the touchup and are by appointment only.

Dermaplaning: Ladies, have you ever thought about shaving your face? Yea, me neither. While the term “dermaplaning” may sound a little scary, it’s quite harmless. Dermaplaning is the newest form of exfoliation procedure which uses a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skin’s surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair. The process allows skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles creating a healthier overall appearance.

Some of the added benefits of dermaplaning also includes priming one’s skin for chemical peels and provides increased absorption rate of topical products. The Healthcare Gallery offers dermaplaning done by a licensed esthetician beginning at $50, with added options including facials at $95 and $145. Skin will appear more youthful and vibrant thanks to the removal of the dead skin. No Instagram filter required for this treatment.

Unicorn Hair: ALL THE COLORS? Yes, Please. In case you were wondering, unicorn hair is still one of the hottest hair trends around, and it’s still spectacular. It’s rotated from just single solid colors to mixtures of pigments, pastel colors, bold colors and then ultimately to otherworldly blends that span a spectrum of pinks, lilacs, aqua, and yellows.

Where should you get your pop of color? Head over to Eutopia Salon on Cedardale Ave where they have been at the helm, following color trends for the past 15 years. The trend is so high in demand that Eutopia performs several fun color trends a week, according to owner Shane McNeal.

As the trend has become so expansive, varied and nuanced, the shade possibilities are now literally endless. Using that as a guide, Eutopia keeps the personal style of the client in mind and integrates unicorn hair per the customer’s wishes.

Prices start at $150 (including haircut) and go up, pending the status of the client’s hair when they come in. The salon does a thorough consultation and goes over price and every step involved in the process, which generally can take up to 2-3 hours.

What’s Next?

SAFE TANNING  While having a golden tan may still be trendy, damaging your skin with the sun’s harsh rays is not. New, safer tanning alternatives are available now in the form of spray tans, lotions, oils, foams, etc. For a completely unique and catered experience, check out Sundaes Spray Tanning by Keysha Joosten. Not only does she have great reviews, but she offers heated spray tanning and a mobile service where she comes to you. Sundaes even has Sip N Spray party packages for a girls’ (or boys’) night in!

NAIL ART  From peel and stick colors and designs to artists actually painting miniature scenes on your nails, your options here are endless. If you’re looking for custom creations, it’s as easy as taking a scroll through your Instagram feed. Find someone whose creative style connects with you  and go to them with your ideas. If you’re not that invested in your nails, but still want to be fancy, there are endless shortcuts and tips on Pinterest and YouTube for cute DIY designs.

#BODYPOSITIVE  Our favorite trend is one that keeps gaining momentum and we hope it never goes away. Whether your postpartum, have lots of curves, or just love the skin you’re in, this is the anti-body shaming movement! There are tons of hashtags, celebrities, models, thick girls, and even men embracing the body positive attitude. It’s about being not only comfortable with yourself, but proud of yourself. It’s celebrating every body regardless of size. It’s learning to love yourself, your body and your flaws regardless of what they are.



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