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Hook Up Playbook

By Rickey Miller

Hooking up is part of college life, but it can be a little daunting if you’re new to the game. Here are a few tips to help ensure the only thing you don’t screw is your social life.

Don’t Sleep With Friends

Never hook up with a mutual friend, a close friend, or someone even remotely close to resembling the definition of a friend. While it may seem very convenient and comfortable, the after-effects can be very negative. Hooking up with a friend can leave things awkward or even ruin the friendship.

This is something 22 years-old, LSU interdisciplinary studies major – Alex Johnston says he knows about, all too well. “I once hooked up with a really good friend of mine and to say the least we aren’t friends anymore,” he states. He continues by explaining that after the drunken sexual encounter, his friend begin ignoring him – not answering phone calls or responding to messages. “It was about a week later when I awkwardly ran into her at a party and asked her what the deal was. She told me that she felt like I treated her like a “random girl” and ditched her right after sex because I called her an Uber immediately after we were done. I explained that I had no idea she was offended. I just figured she would want to sleep in her own bed and she was too drunk to drive.” Alex warns anyone who is considering to hookup with a friend to reconsider, “It will ruin your friendship and affect all of your other mutual friends.”

Make Sure You’re Both On The Same Page

One of the most important things to figure out before you ever hit the bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you decide to have your sex-escapades, is what your expectations are. If you are the type of person that becomes attached quickly, it is probably not the best idea to partake in random hookups. Chances are the person whom you decide to hook up with is only looking for just that… a hookup. Therefore, make sure if you both have come to a mutual understanding and don’t freak out when you see him/her at the bar with another person. However, if feelings do change on your end and you want more, simply have a conversation about it because it could be a mutual feeling.

Don’t Sleep With Your Co-workers

Sleeping with a co-worker can end badly for you. For instance, you could lose your job, lose friendships, and even feel like you’re losing your mind. There’s several reason why having a fling at work is just not smart but the obvious one is if things go sour it could have a very negative affect your work environment. Not only can it get to the point of termination because of constant bickering and gossiping, but it can also affect your co-workers.

Use Protection!

This should be a given. Always use protection, especially with a hookup. Think about the last person you’ve hooked up with – now, what if you found out you were forever tied to that person because you were having a bundle of joy… yea, sounds like a scene from horror film, right? Therefore, make sure you’re always using protection, not only to prevent pregnancy but to also prevent STDs.

48-Hours Grace Period

While sex can be fun, chances are if you are hooking up everyday it’s probably more than just sex… it’s a relationship. Therefore, there is an unspoken rule to hooking up that many of you may not know about – “The 48-Hours Grace Period.” This rule states that after a sexual encounter with a hookup, you should wait at least 48 hours before contacting the person for another round. Don’t be needy, respect the 48.

Never Hookup With An Ex

Never get to the point where you’re so desperate that you’ll hook up with your ex. Hooking up with an ex can be the beginning of a rollercoaster of emotions. You may think you’re strong enough to do the deed with no feelings but it is inevitable that you will not have any emotions attached to someone you once loved. Sex only confuses things between exes and it usually ends with you heartbroken once again. Always remember – your ex is your ex for a reason and no matter how great the sex may be, it’s not worth it the emotional aftermath you’ll experience.

Keep It On The Down Low

Although you tell your friends every single detail of your life, you may want to spare them specific details about your hookups. Why you ask? Well, it can save you a lot of stress in the end. Telling your friends about your hookup partner can turn badly like in the case of 20 years old – LSU sophomore, Katie McNeil. “I thought nothing of telling my friends about the guy I was hooking up with at first… until, they started seeing him out with other girls and reporting back to me,” she says. Katie explains that initially she didn’t care and simply brushed it off when her friends would tell her things about her hookup; but it wasn’t long before she started listening to her friends and did the unthinkable.

“One night I was drinking and my friend calls me and says ‘I seen your boy all over some other girl’ – me being drunk, I decided I was going to walk to the bar and confront him,” she says. Katie says she completely made an embarrassment of herself and even got thrown out of the bar – “I didn’t even like him, we were only hooking up but I let my friends talk me into a jealous rage. I’m pretty sure I was talking to another guy too, it was pretty silly.”

Don’t Do Leftovers

Never hook up with someone that one of your friends have hooked up with. It can create tension between friends and unless you are 100 percent honest with your friend about it, you may find out later that there was feelings involved and feel like a douche.


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