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How to Hack Cyber Monday

By Claire Salinas

Too chicken to face the lines and madness of Black Friday? Don’t worry – you can still get plenty of great deals from the comfort of your couch this year.

Cyber Monday happens after the weekend and the hype of Black Friday die down.

The discounts offered on this day are traditionally just as good, if not better than those offered on Black Friday and are very appealing to those who can’t make it to the stores to face the madness that is Black Friday.

Don’t be concerned with disguising yourself as an employee so you can get in the doors before the rest of the crowd. Instead, follow these tips to get stellar deals without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

1. Scout out offers ahead of time

One of the big advantages of Cyber Monday is that most of the sales are advertised ahead of time, so you can go ahead and browse through the websites of your favorite retailers to check out what merchandise you want to buy.

You can even ensure that the item you’re pining for doesn’t run out by creating an account on the website and placing the items in your shopping cart. That way, you’re ready to click buy as soon as the offer opens at midnight.

2. Look at previous years’ surprise sales

While most companies are very interested in letting you know all the details of their sales ahead of time, several companies have had some awesome surprise sales in years past. Knowing about them could mean you know exactly which 50% off straightener you want to purchase before they run out.

Last year Kate Spade had a surprise sale in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday – talk about a good time to be familiar with their merchandise.

Even if you don’t find out about the sale until the day of, go ahead and do yourself a favor and look through the websites of your favorite retailers. You never know if they might spring a sale or not. You can also take this time to get the details on their return policy, in case those zebra print leggings don’t look as good on your best friend as they do on the carefree hippy girl on the website.

3.Connect with favorite retailers via social media and email

Oftentimes companies will list their offers on their social media sites and send emails out to their subscribers, outlining what will deals will be available on Cyber Monday. Sometimes they will offer hints about surprise sales as well.

Newegg.com is known for leaking exclusive sale information on their Facebook page. You can get updates from Target by following them on Twitter and from Hollister by subscribing to their text messaging service.

4.Take this opportunity to rack up travel perks 

So many millennials are talking about how much they want to travel, so take this opportunity to rack up some benefits that will make doing so a little less expensive.

Lots of major airlines and hotel programs have online shopping portals through which they partner with major retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Loyalty program members can often get several points or miles per dollar through the money they spend at these retailers. Sign up for a loyalty program and start making your purchases count towards your next spontaneous adventure.

5. Make yourself aware of tech savings

This is probably the best time of the year to make that big tech purchase you’ve been contemplating all year. In years past Apple has offered free shipping on purchases of $50 and above and Target has dropped the price of an average Wii game from $44 to $18.

Walmart, Target, and Best Buy aren’t saying exactly what their sales are yet, but the Cyber Monday sections of their websites have a note that shoppers can sign up for updates on the deals that will be offered. Monitoring these sites for sale information would probably not be a bad idea.

So go ahead and buy yourself that shiny new iPad, since this is the time of the year that your purchase will likely come with the most perks.

Don’t spend this year mourning about how you missed out on all the deals because you got overstuffed with turkey or didn’t want to brave the cold. Follow these tips and you’re sure to get some sweet deals that will make you smile year-round.


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