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How to Punctuate Your Look

By Yuwa Vosper 

When I was between the ages of 8 and 11, I wore rings on every finger. I don’t know what sparked my desire to wear rings, but I knew that if it was a ring, I wanted it.  I am not talking about expensive rings, of course, but rings of childhood value: gumball prize rings, Ring Pops, etc.. As I grew older, I wore jewelry less and less, choosing to be very minimalist – that is, until I entered the world of pageantry. Then, my love of jewelry became refocused in chandelier and drop earrings with ornamentation so bright it could substitute as a flashlight.

Jewelry as Accentuation

When most people think of jewelry, they think of elaborate ornamentation, expensive jewels, and rows of decadent bangles. However, jewelry can be as simple a set of pearl earrings. As former First Lady of the United States Jackie Kennedy is famously quoted as saying, “Pearls are always appropriate.” However, what happens when you want to experiment with jewelry, but don’t want to resemble Flavor Flav? I always find it best to do as famous designer Coco Chanel says: Look in the mirror, and take one accessory off.

Jewelry should be the punctuation mark to an ensemble, not the statement; it should help end and accentuate your clothing arrangement. Jewelry should not be the expressive statement; it enhances the ensemble.

How to Wear

Whatever ensemble you choose, pick jewelry that enriches your clothing. If you want to bring out a color, wear complimentary jewelry tones. For instance, when I am wearing a black dress, I choose chandelier sparkling black pearl and diamond earrings as an enhancement. I don’t typically prefer bracelets unless they are a cuff. Too many bracelets can become noisy, and you may begin to sound like a tambourine. Also, if you are wearing clothing with detail, there is no need to pile on necklaces. Let the garment detail steal the focus.

Costume Jewelry

Another aspect of jewelry that makes it great is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to look pricey. Costume jewelry provides the same amount of bling for half the price. Those chandelier earrings I referred to earlier are costume and look fantastic.

Whether costume or authentic, jewelry is one of the most versatile accessories with the most options. Necklaces, earrings, brooches, or charms can enliven any ensemble. So next time you get dressed and complain about how you always wear the same thing, try a new jewelry item, and see how that accessory transforms the ensemble to give it new meaning.


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