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How to Upgrade Your Home Bar

GROW YOUR OWN HERBS. A simple box filled with a few fresh herbs can make a huge difference when mixing cocktails at home. They provide a unique flavor and add a little pizzazz visually too. Start with sweet basil, mint, rosemary, and cilantro. Each herb has its own complex flavor profile. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all of them.
MAKE YOUR OWN SIMPLE SYRUP. Pour equal parts water and sugar in a saucepan. Heat the ingredients until dissolved. Stir and place over medium heat. Once the liquid is completely clear, immediately remove from the heat source and let cool. Store the simple syrup in an airtight container, in the fridge, until ready to use. Basic simple syrup will stay fresh up to 4 weeks.
INFUSE VODKA. Start with a basic 80-proof or 100-proof vodka to make fruit-flavored vodkas. Place 2 cups of chopped fruit with 2-3 cups of vodka in a jar. Let it sit for 3 to 5 days. That’s it! You can even play around with infusing other liquors like gin or bourbon. Get creative and go crazy.
ICE, ICE BABY. Not only can you up your drink game, but you can also elevate your ice. Big cubes, small cubes, crushed, spears, or balls—the options are endless. Take a look on amazon to find trays to fulfill any ice shape you have in mind. From certain human anatomy shapes to the Death Star, you’re bound to find something that fits just right.
SHOP LOCAL. Stocking your at-home bar is always fun. You want to make sure you’ve got a good variety of spirits to satisfy any craving that may arise. Why not use local liquors? It supports your community and keeps an authentic feel to your cocktails. Shopping list: Strawberry Brandy from Baton Rouge Distilling, Parade Spiced Rum from Cane Land Distilling Co., Satsuma Rum Liqueur from Bayou Rum, Old New Orleans Crystal white rum, Lula Gin from Lula Distillery, and LA 1 Whiskey from Donner-Peltier Distillers.


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