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Iceland at the Olympics, LSU student scam, Brazilian poetry

LOSER: No Winter Olympic win for Iceland

Iceland, the land of ice, failed to win a single medal during the 2014 Winter Olympics and ANY winter games that has EVER taken place. What’s up with that? This tiny northerly nation only sent five athletes to the games in Sochi, which didn’t help matters, but none of them finished any higher than 34th place. Brazil didn’t medal either, but c’mon – they’re from a freaking tropical rainforest. True, Iceland isn’t covered with ice as many believe, but would it really be so hard to hop over to greenland for a little practice in the snow?

LOSER: LSU students rip off the school

A group of LSU student workers falsified documents to increase the number of hours on their paychecks and have been arrested for the fraud. You’d think that someone studying at such a high-level institution like LSU would be able to competently break the law. No word on the punishment from the University, which may choose to expel the students, but the students have been arrested for the various types of fraud they committed.

WINNER: Brazilian poet finally receives recognition

A brilliant poet with lousy luck has been reunited with his family after living on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, for 35 years. Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho writes beautiful poetry (if you understand Brazilian Portuguese) and only a handful of people ever read his words until 2011. That year he met Shalla Monteiro, who created a Facebook page to help Sobrinho share his work with the world. The page quickly grew, holding steady at just above 40,000 likes – one of them was Sobrinho’s brother. The poet is now living with his family and on his way to publish a book of his poetry. The page has a video showing Sobrinoh’s full story – grab a box of kleenex before you watch it.


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