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#idigbr of the week: Happy National Pet Day!

As if we needed a holiday to celebrate our favorite family members.

Either way, we love getting pictures of your furry friends! Be sure you keep tagging all of your photos with #idigbr!

Animals never cease to amaze me ❤ Ruger is a 6 month old Boxer and Ty is a 7 yr old blind cat. He is completely blind, partially deaf with some head and mouth trauma from being hit by a car. I adopted him last week from Spay Nation after his former owner left him at a kill shelter after having had him for the last four years. 😢 I was told he was a total mess physically, he drools and walks in circles often but that he was very loving and he adores kittens and swimming lol. I missed my Bengal Otis that disappeared last November so much and I knew I wanted to have another but I’m not going to lie this last week has been tough. Ty will have to have a dental as well as teeth removed next week, he has yeast in his ears, he’s underweight and he has absolutely no sight. I’m overwhelmed with figuring out his care to say the least and I’m so sad he’s separated from the rest of the household because frankly chihuahuas are assholes and they haven’t been friendly to him to say the least. Then today happened and as I opened the door to his room, Ruger pushed past me and before I could catch him, he and Ty began to interact. 🐾 Ty has no clue what a dog is. He’s never seen one but he grabbed Rugers face immediately and I could literally feel his relief to have another animal close to him. He licked him and meowed at him and playfully reached out. I cried for sweet Ty today for the first time but not because I’m sad for him! I am so happy he has a friend now if I can just get Ruger to chill and not manhandle him. 😩 It’s going to be a long road, I’m sure but I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and brought Ty into our already animal overloaded home. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He’s already reminded us all what love is…Love is blind ☺ Welcome home Ty ❤ #bengal #bengalcat #bengalsofinstagram #ty #ruger #boxer #boxersofinstagram #rescue #adoptdontshop #blindcat #idigbr #spaynation #caralaadoptablepets #sheltercat #shelterdog #love #loveisblind #batonrouge #louisiana #animalrescue #animalshelter #blindbengal @animals_video @animalplanet @bengalworld @bentleybengal @bengal_cats @bengalcatworld @boxersofinstagram @boxerstories @boxer.lover @rescuepetsofinstagram @international_animal_rescue

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