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By Kristen Cockrell

Has your pet ever gotten lost? Pets have a tendency to wander from home, slip off a leash or dart out of a vehicle whether they are scared or just seeking adventure. In Baton Rouge, there are several resources that may help you find your lost pet. Follow each of these steps to help your pet return home safely:

Post on the Lost Pets of Baton Rouge Facebook page. Make sure you include a picture of your lost pet, their name, and the location at which they were last seen. Check the page, as well as your notifications, as often as possible until your pet is found. (If you live outside of Baton Rouge, try to find—or possibly create—a Facebook page for the lost pets in your city/town.)

Post flyers—they work! Post a flyer that includes a high-quality picture of your pet, the location at which they were last seen, and your contact information.

Contact Companion Animal Alliance, the East Baton Rouge animal shelter. (If you live outside of Baton Rouge, contact your local shelter.) Email lostpets@caabr.org regarding your lost pet. Include a picture, contact information, the pet’s name, and anything else that may be helpful in distinguishing your pet from others. Visit the shelter in case someone may have found your pet and brought them there or called animal control. (CAA is located at 2680 Progress Rd in Baton Rouge.) Like the CAA Lost and Found Pets Facebook page and check it often.

Leave a bowl of water near the location where your pet was last seen, along with a piece of your clothing or something that smells like you. Don’t leave food; it will attract other creatures, which may scare your pet.

Tell your neighbors about your lost pet and ask them to look out for your pet.

Keep searching. never give up hope! Sometimes lost pets are reunited with their owners months—or even years—later

You may not be able to keep your pet from running off, but there are precautions you can take now to find your pet quickly in case they do get lost.

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar at all times so that the finder and/or shelter will know that your pet belongs to someone and is not a stray.

Purchase an ID tag for your pet and secure it to their collar. Include the pet’s name and your phone number. You may also consider adding your name, your home address, and/or an alternative phone number.

Microchip your pet! If your pet loses their collar or gets stolen, a microchip can be used to track your contact information. Make sure to register your pet’s microchip soon after insertion.

#iDogBR would like to give a special shout out to the wonderful workers and volunteers at Companion Animal Alliance, the admin volunteers of the Lost Pets of Baton Rouge Facebook page, and the many citizens who keep an eye out for lost and stray animals in our area and do their best to get these animals to safety. Thank you for all you do to help the animals of Baton Rouge!


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