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#iDogBR: Housing Edition

By Kristen Cockrell

Living in an apartment with a dog can be challenging, but if you’re up for the challenge, it can also be extremely rewarding. Dogs need plenty of exercise, and unlike cats, dogs have energy that generally cannot be contained indoors, especially in a small apartment. Dogs love to get fresh air, explore, chase squirrels, and just run. Most importantly, they usually do their business outdoors, so it’s important to let them out fairly often. Many pet friendly apartment complexes have designated pet areas. Even if yours doesn’t, there’s a good chance there’s a neighborhood, park or empty lot nearby where you can take your dog to walk, run and play.

If you are considering adopting a dog, no matter the size, make sure you are willing to commit time and energy into making sure the dog is let out and exercised daily. Jeff Garrett of Baton Rouge said, “Even though my dog, Kodey, is at my apartment for eight hours while I’m at work, I make an effort to walk him twice a day in the field by my apartment.” He added, “Sometimes on the weekends, we’ll go to one of the BREC dog parks in the area.” Dog owners should take advantage of the many BREC dog parks in Baton Rouge. Dogs love to explore new areas, and they need socialization.

An apartment may seem like a small place for a dog to live, but with adequate exercise, the dog will enjoy living in an apartment, and you’ll enjoy the company. If you have room for food and water bowls, a soft bed, and a few toys and bones, your apartment is all set. Garrett said, “It is so welcoming to go home to a dog after work. He is always happily waiting at the door to greet me.” There is nothing like going home to wagging tails and doggy kisses.

Remember, a dog is a big responsibility. When you get a dog, you should commit to loving and caring for it for the rest of its life. If you are ready for a dog, consider adopting a puppy or dog from a local shelter or rescue group. There are plenty of wonderful dogs, pure and mixed breeds of all sizes, that are waiting for a forever home and would love to join you in your apartment. Here are some

Here is just one apartment friendly dog at Looking Fur Love Dog Rescue. Find out more about LFLDR and see more of their adoptable dogs in the #iDogBR column next week.


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