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In the Mind of a Comic: The man behind some of Adult Swim’s surreal comedy

Adult Swim is known for some bizarre late-night television.
Avant-garde and occasionally abrasive, the humor is one of a kind, and the creators of its content even more so. With the content that Adult Swim pushes, it’s easy to wonder who is behind the screen, coming up with this brand of comedy.
It’s unpredictable what the personalities of these creators could be, but comedian David Liebe Hart proves that they’re just as human as anyone else, only endowed with a special brand of imagination and genuineness that puts them within a special realm of entertainers and creators.
“I make comedy [out] of things I’ve experienced like an artist paints an expression of a person,” Hart said. “A comedian laughs at life and tells the ups and downs of life.”
Hart is perhaps most well-known for his work on the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! but he also does standup, has created several music albums (including a religious album that he is working on now) and has made several other appearances in movies and TV shows. On March 5, he’ll be traveling down to Baton Rouge to play a show at the Atomic Pop Shop with some local musical acts. The show will begin at 8 p.m. and has a $10 cover fee.
Hart said he actually got his start in comedy by doing a bit of standup and improvisation with Robin Williams in the ’70s, and that he took classes in comedy and acting from there. He almost got a spot on the Andy Griffith Show when he was 6 years old, but his parents didn’t want him to begin acting at such a young age. However, after several years of work, Hart now boasts a “huge fan base” and says he’s been able to garner such support because of the way he treats his fans.
“I’m kind to my fans,” he said. “When they email me, I email them back. I treat my fans like I would treat a girl or a wife that I would always want to be with – I’m very kind to them and supportive of them and do everything I can to help them.”
Part of this, he said, involves singing at Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and birthday parties and doing whatever else he can to show his appreciation for his fans. Ultimately, he said he just wants to bring happiness to himself and to the people he meets.
“I want to laugh at life,” he said. “Instead of crying with life – there’s a lot of bad stuff going on with life – I want to make people happy. I want to do comedy to smile at life and to bring out the comedies about life.”
However, it’s truly the means through which Hart aims to reach this goal that makes him a unique comedian. He speaks about typical subjects like relationship woes and personal vices, but he does so through the use of puppets, eccentric musical arrangements and impressive anecdotes, such as recounting stories of meeting Frank Sinatra and having his resume ripped up and “tap-danced around” by Sammy Davis, Jr.
He said he has a great respect for his predecessors. “The past makes the future,” in his words – but his forms of expression have a modern tinge that fits perfectly within the genre of Adult Swim humor.
“My style is a unique style,” he said. “…a style of everything that made me and everything that I’ve learned from. Anything that’s creative and fun, I like doing.”


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