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Instagram Profile: Bianca Zaragoza

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After graduating from LSU in 2015, Bianca Zaragoza moved back home to Houston, Texas. The social media manager and photographer has a daschund she wishes she could trade places with and a bunch of Frida Kahlo portraits from her “Kahlo phase” at 12 years old. She loves champagne, jokes, low maintenance people and photography.

Tell us about yourself, including your day job.
I’m a Texas native so I often find myself buying stuff that is Texas related, I’m kind of like a grandma in that sense. I’ve always, literally always have enjoyed taking photos of my everyday (decades before Instagram even existed.) I started shooting when I got a hold of my aunt’s Polaroid camera when I was 7 and I was hooked instantly.

What’s the secret to the perfect Instagram photo?
I think showing emotion and making someone feel exactly what you felt/saw when you were taking the photo when they look at your photo is it. Though, I will admit it’s a lot easier said than done.

How would you describe your style?
Photojournalism meets fine art

You take a lot of portraits of people in the moment. What’s it like to capture someone’s emotions that close up?
Naturally I don’t have what people call “personal space” I just go in there and hope my subjects understand that I’m not trying to make them feel awkward. I often get lost in the moment.

Your photos capture the simplicity of everyday life and manage to make those moments beautiful. How do you choose which photos are worthy of the ‘gram?
That’s such a hard question because I have a very personal account, I rarely push out images from photo sessions albeit it might be a bad business decision but it’s just not my personality. Photos are ‘gram worthy when there is some strong emotion tied into it…or the light was just too dang good to not show off.

What equipment do you use to take your photos?
My iPhone 6s and Nikon d810

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had while taking photos?
Once I had coffee and breakfast with a friend in her apartment and the light was, magical to say the least so we had an impromptu portrait session with classical music playing in the background and fresh bacon. It was pure bliss.

What’s your dream assignment?
Lifestyle shoot for Beyoncé.

What’s the best place in Baton Rouge to take photos?
Behind the horticulture building at LSU when the azaleas are in full bloom or around Circa 1857.

What are you plans for the future regarding photography?
Shoot more editorial work and start a natural light studio that doubles as a coffee shop.

Photos by @biancazaragoza_.


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