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Instagram Profile: Chris Parish

Louisiana photographer Chris Parish likes to tell stories, and we think he tells the best ones through Instagram.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Chris Parish. I’m a photographer, videographer, [and] graphic designer here in Baton
Rouge. What I do though is tell stories. My passion has always been to bring the beauty I see within
people to life on screen. There has always been something so wonderful to me about capturing the
stories of others and sharing them with the world. And it is because all I know is this: Life is beautiful,
love is beautiful, you are beautiful…I just love showing the world how beautiful it all is.

You’re a graphic designer. How does this influence your Instagram posts?
Being a designer has not influenced my posts as much as it has influenced my eyes as a photographer.
As I grow as a designer I find that I also grow as a photographer. My eyes have trained themselves
to be more focused on what a shot will look on screen, in a graphic, or on a flier.

What photography equipment do you use?
Honestly, I use a wide variety of equipment. I currently have a growing collection of 12 cameras, with
each having its own individual look. For all of my digital images I shoot on a Sony A7S II. The 11 other
cameras I own are all film cameras. Yep, film. The no preview, 36 shots per roll, cameras of yesteryear.
For me there is just something about film that you can’t recreate with digital. My Pentax 645n
gives these massive scans that make your heart race the first time you see them. If you’ve never
shot on film I would highly recommend it. Seriously, go to a thrift store, find one for 10 bucks, pop
some Kodak Porta film in, and go to work. Trust me when you take that first picture the adrenaline of
not being able to look at the back of your camera for a preview will make you go crazy in excitement.

What is your favorite subject to capture and why?
Above everything I love capturing shots of people the most. In each person’s eyes there is a story to be
told. As a photographer, getting the opportunity to help tell a person’s story is my favorite thing to do.

How has living in Louisiana influenced your photography?
Oh goodness, I truly believe Louisiana is the most beautiful place on earth. I have been lucky to have
the opportunity in traveling across the country, but every time I find myself so much more in love
with my home state. There’s just something about this culture that you can’t get anywhere else.
Whether it be the feel of an LSU football game with hundreds of thousands crazy Cajuns or a man
playing his Sax in the streets of New Orleans, you just can’t beat this place.

Do you have a secret to the perfect Instagram post?
Actually, I do. If you see something you love, grab your phone your camera your iPad (just kidding no
iPad mirror selfies please lol) and capture it. It’s really that simple. Instagram is all about expressing
what you love and sharing it with the world. So share whatever it is you love.

Anything else you’d like DIG readers to know?
I really can’t stress this part enough. If you are passionate about something, whether it be photography,
baseball or just life itself go out there and get it. Always remember… NEVER. STOP. GRINDING.

See some photos from Chris’ Instagram below:


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