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Instagram Profile: Louis Kobetz

Photographer and videographer Louis Kobetz got into his line of work by marketing soccer products, and his work is ever-evolving. We caught up with him about his style, how working in Louisiana has influenced him and his love for his English Bulldog, Ruby.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Louis Kobetz. I am a teacher, YouTuber, and wedding videographer/photographer. I got into photography by marketing soccer products for various companies and it very quickly grew into something I was extremely passionate about!

How would you describe your style of photography?
My photography is ever-evolving. I am very much a student of this art form and believe learning as much as possible will open my eyes to new and unique ways to capture moments. I wouldn’t say I have a particular style of photography but in each image I create I want the viewer to understand there is some emotion or a mood behind it.

What types of equipment do you use?
I use quite the controversial camera as many of my photographer friends have stated. I always hated my Canon DSLR for countless reasons and eventually moved on the Fujifilm’s X-Pro2, which is an immaculate camera that is capable of capturing images the way I want to capture them. Mirrorless cameras are still considered “lesser” than the Canon/Nikon DSLRs, which I think is a load of malarkey. My camera inspires me, which is why I will always capture better images with it than a camera I am not crazy about.

How do you decide what to post on Instagram?
I honestly don’t put much thought into my posts other than deciding if I love this photo enough to post it. If I love the photo and it means something to me, then I will share it with my followers.

What’s your favorite memory from a past photoshoot?
This memory is not necessarily a photo shoot, but while traveling through Alberta, Canada, with my friend, we walked up to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Lake Louise, and were blown away. I remember thinking to myself “this moment is something I want to capture so I can relive it for the rest of my life.” I constantly look back of those photos and enjoy the memories it brings back. This is what photography is all about!

What’s the secret to a perfect Instagram post?
There is no secret to a perfect Instagram post. Be yourself and display something that inspires you!

Your adorable English Bulldog is featured in a lot of your posts. Tell us about her.
Ruby… she is the goofiest, sweetest and funniest dogs I’ve ever seen. English Bulldogs are almost humanlike because you can read every emotion they feel by the way they act and move. I love to take pictures of her when she looks miserably exhausted from her tough life of constant attention and compliments from my father.

How has living in Louisiana shaped you as a photographer?
Louisiana is an interesting place but regardless of where you live the world is a beautiful place that begs you to capture it. I wouldn’t say Louisiana is the best place in the world to live for photography but it challenges me to make the best of it. More often that not its beauty surprises me!

Anything else you want DIG readers to know?
Photography is something you should do for fun. Let it inspire you, learn as much as you can and make images that make you happy!


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