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Instagram Profile: Tate Tullier

Tate Tullier, a photographer hailing from Saint Amant, Louisiana, is widely known for his series “Tub Time with Tate,” in which he takes photos of people naked in their bathtubs. Tullier goes back and forth between his current homes in Gonzales and New York for work. He answered some of our questions about his art via email. You can check out his work on Instagram or on his website, tatetullier.com.

What was your inspiration for the Tub Time with Tate art series?
About five years ago, I was looking for something to gear myself back into the fine arts. I work professionally as a wedding photographer mainly so wanted to have an outlet. I grew up in bathtubs, and one day I took a fancy camera selfie of myself in the tub. I posted that on social media with the hashtag #tubtimewithtate but over time it slowly grew into its own. It’s my baby, and I am having an amazing time shooting for it. It’s ever-evolving into its own constantly.

How has being from Louisiana shaped your photography?
I believe coming from Louisiana, it’s a much more conservative place in terms of art – nudity and sexuality aren’t encouraged by our Southern community exactly so I’m happy to be part of that movement in a subtle way, or not so subtle! Haha. In terms of my photography work regarding weddings and portraits, all my clients in Louisiana have been beyond amazing to me, allowing me to do it my way and provide them with life-long memories.

What do you think is the secret to the perfect Instagram photo?
There’s no secret to the perfect Instagram photo, it’s more about the secret of being in tune with yourself, and it will show on your feed. I like to think people stay intrigued with my page, because I’m all over the place with what I shoot. I never wanted to separate my art and work from my life. My art and work ARE my life.

Has being deaf impacted the way you take photos?
I’m sure it has. I think art itself has been a way for me to express myself individually—whether or not intentional. My deafness is something I’m proud of and I’m protective of it.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had while taking photos?
My tub time shoots are my most memorable. I’ve said often the actual taking of the images for the art series is the best part rather than the results. The end result makes me happy and brings me back to the memory of creating it.


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