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It’s Not You, It’s Me

By Rickey Miller


Unfortunately, we are in full swing for “breakup season.” Why is this the case?  Well, we have 5 possible reasons why many it’s time to call it quits.  Hopefully, you don’t fall into any of these categories, but if you do, we have just the solutions for you.


1.  New Year, New Realization

While the New Year always brings a sense of a better self, it can also cause you to reflect on some of your “not so good moments” from the previous year.  After evaluating your relationship, you may find that 2015 was actually a pretty stressful and depressing year due to your significant other.  If you spent more than half of your time together arguing in 2015, it may be time to come to the realization that… it’s not working.  Trust us, the sooner you leave the better your 2016 will be.


How to deal: First, become mentally prepared for an argument — but just think, after this conversation you’re free from your misery.  Next, have a face-to-face conversation, explaining that you need to work on yourself and focus on your goals.  This will make you sound like less of a jerk.


2.  Single Awareness Day is Approaching…

…also known as Valentine’s Day.  Many await this joyous day of gift giving, chocolate eating, rub-it-in all your single friends’ face day; however, Valentine’s Day can bring on a whole new level of stress that you may not be ready for.  From planning an extravagant date to making sure you buy the perfect gift, Valentine’s Day can quickly turn into a dreadful day.  So cut your ties now before it’s too late… because it’s just wrong to breakup any time between Feb. 1  and Feb. 14.


How to deal:  Write a letter explaining that you’ve realized you aren’t ready for the type of commitment your relationship requires.  Now you’re free from gift buying and the stress of Valentine’s Day.


3.  You’veRediscovered Your Freedom 

Most likely, you’ve been away from your significant other a little more than normal due to the holidays.  While they say, “absence makes the heart grow funder,” it can also make you realize what you’ve been missing.


How to deal:  Don’t deal.  Simply stay busy and occupied until your significant other is forced to call it quits because you don’t spend enough time with them.  This way you aren’t the “bad guy.”


4.  Your Christmas Gift Sucked

As materialistic as it may sound, some people take gift exchanges very seriously.  One might say, “I can tell the type of man he is by the gift he gives.” If you received a thoughtless, cheap, sucky gift for Christmas, you can only imagine what’s in store for Valentine’s Day.  You’ll be lucky if you receive a hand-written card.


How to deal:  Because you’re already probably a jerk, a text message will do just fine — there is no need to meet face-to-face.  Text and explain how you’ve realized it’s not going to work.  And to add insult to injury, return the gift.


5.  You Met The Family

Maybe over the holiday break you had the delightful pleasure to meet your significant other’s family.  You probably quickly realized that you were the odd ball out.  From the harsh questioning to the side-eye looks – you may have gotten the impression that the family weren’t too fund of you.  Well, instead of faking it, some may feel that this warrants a breakup.  The last thing you need is a crazy, overbearing family who doesn’t even like you.  You have your own crazy, overbearing family to deal with.


How to deal:  Get lunch together and explain that the family intimidates you and you’re not sure if it’s best to continue the relationship.


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