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Basel’s Market Food Truck is bringing fresh fare to different locations across the Capital City. DIG learned a little more about 24-yr old entrepreneur Kalyn Lindsly’s foodie vision, her inspiration (Basel), and what the regulars order.

Who is Basel?
Basel is my Australian shepherd. We have had him since high school and he is the sweetest.  I really don’t think there is better inspiration than your dog.

How did you get the idea for the food truck?
I grew up working in the kitchen at our family market (Calvin’s Bocage Market) during the holidays and summers. My mom and I were doing some prep work at Calvin’s one day and the idea came to us. It was almost obvious! We found the 1977 Chevrolet van not far from our house and started the make-over. It was a lot of work but I love how it turned out. (We do too!)

What makes Basel’s Market unique (other than the awesome van)?
We put a lot of heart into everything we make and you can taste it! We also have a ton of healthy choices, all freshly made and as locally sourced as possible, for those looking for a lighter option. One of my favorite things on our menu is the fruit cup. You are probably thinking, “what is so special about a fruit cup?” Ours is seasonal and cut fresh every day. Right now, it has pineapple, blueberries, cantaloupe, and grapes. I am already excited for watermelon season!

What do people order over and over?
We have our menu set up so customers can build their own gourmet sandwich: pick your bread, toppings, spread, etc. I get my bread delivered fresh and the cheddar jalapeno bun is always a crowd pleaser. Pair the bun with Cajun turkey, pepper jack, creole mayo, and bacon; now that is a bomb sandwich. We also started making a fresh basil pesto aioli which is amazing and we always have Calvin’s chicken salad in stock. No one is leaving hungry.

What do you love about Baton Rouge?
BR is my home and I love that it still feels like a tight knit community even though there is actually so much going on. We have the best of both worlds and there is more than meets the eye. I also love how social we are! I cannot wait for football season and to feed all our Tiger fans.

How do people find out where you will be parked?
The best place to find out where we will be is by following us on Instagram (@baselsmarketfoodtruck) or checking out our Facebook page.

Photos by Ronni Bourgeois


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