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Keep up your New Years Resolutions with these healthy dishes at your favorite spots

The start of a new year is often a time to undo a lot of the damage the holidays does to our waistlines and our arteries. The hardest part about eating out is making healthier choices when our go-tos aren’t ideal. Fret not, tons of your favorite spots have delicious healthy meal options. 

Rocca – It’s hard to pass up pizza, but Rocca offers a ton of non-pizza options that are tasty and inventive. The wood roasted cauliflower is delicious and comes with a red pepper dipping sauce that’s divine, even though it’s made of veggies and walnuts. Add in a beet and blood orange salad for a decadent salad option you’ll actually want to eat. If you need more, you can always fill your pizza flavor cravings with an order of meatballs. 

Bumsteers – This joint is certainly known for its tasty burgers, but don’t sleep on the Thai Beef & Noodle Salad. Marinated skirt steak, a lean cut, comes on a bed of fresh veggies and fruits. 

Overpass Merchant – While the Billy Ray Cyrus fried chicken sandwich will always hold a place in our hearts, the kale Caesar salad is a great healthy option. The kale is handled well, so it’s not bitter. It comes with banana peppers and a tangy lemon dressing, making for a fun spin on a standard salad.

Pinetta’s. is an incredible place for a nice date and a decadent plate of pasta. But, you can still enjoy that incredible red gravy on their Bella Lasagna, made with vegetables instead of noodles. 

Chow Yum Phat – Usually, pork fat is what makes ramen taste incredible, but CYP does an equally as fantastic job with their vegetarian option, June’s Veggie. It’s loaded with pickled corn and mushrooms. Add a side of curried vegetables for a veggie-heavy slurptastic meal. 

The Chimes – The appetizers at Chimes are a treat worth enjoying from time to time. But, you can always go for raw oysters for a delicious start to a meal that isn’t fried or smothered in cheese. Skip the fried platters and shoot for the from the grill options like grilled chicken or charbroiled catfish. 

Soji – There’s a lot of delicious at Soji, and luckily, even their light dishes are fantastic. The crudo, poke and ceviche dishes are fantastic and fresh. For something more hearty, check out the yakitori menu. 

City Pork – Just because seafood isn’t in the name doesn’t mean they aren’t nailing it at City Pork. The seared seafood is a light, flavorful and filling dish that you can always count on. 


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