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Kitchen: Cajun Bratwurst @ Burgersmith

The burgers at Burgersmith are tough to beat. There’s plenty of competition in Baton Rouge for gourmet burgers, and whether or not you think Burgersmith is the absolute best in the city, you have to agree that they’re in the conversation. So, it’s a bit surprising to find that the Perkins Road spot not only crushes the burger game, but the bratwurst game as well.

The Cajun Bratwurst is made of grilled chicken breast, spicy alligator sausage, grilled onions, Creole mustard and Smith Sauce. It’s a salty, savory sandwich on a hot dog bun that showcases just how hard Burgersmith is trying to differentiate itself from the competition. Why they chose to pursue the Cajun avenue is a bit confusing, though. There are so many Cajun restaurants in this city that concocting a Cajun menu item seems a bit superfluous, but after tasting it, I can say that I’m glad they went with it. It’s got a peppery scent to it that almost brings tears to your eyes as you take it in, but is actually quite the eye candy. The sight of the sauces drizzled over the plump meat in toasty bun could make even vegetarians go for a sample.

For the Louisiana transplants who haven’t had alligator sausage before, this is a great way to introduce yourself to it. It’s a bit chewy, but full of flavor not unlike typical sausage. Blended in with the Creole mustard and Smith Sauce, it’s a spicy treat.

Thrown in with the lot is grilled chicken breast and onions, the former for filling and the latter for flavor. These are pretty generic ingredients, but their inclusion compliments the focal points nicely. Onions in moderation make for a wonderful sandwich, so fear not if onions aren’t your thing.

Whether Baton Rouge needs more Cajun food is beside the point. What matters here is that Burgersmith has made a sandwich that locals could be proud of, so if alligator is your thing, be sure to stop by.


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