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Kitchen: Chicken in dill sauce @ Serop’s Cafe

You can’t blame the nation; Mediterranean food is nowhere near as popular as Italian, Mexican or Japanese, so opening up shop serving Greek food is a gamble. But, it’s one that pays off for the members of the community. Greek cuisine isn’t easy to find in Baton Rouge. Your options are few and far between, but when we’ve got a spot as reliable as Serop’s Cafe, it eases the blow a bit.

Chicken shawarma, beef kebabs and hummus are some of the staples of Greek food, and what makes Serop’s so great is how consistent it is on these staples. But don’t let that detract you from the restaurant’s vast menu of other options that are perfect for satisfying your exotic tooth. The chicken in dill sauce is a simple option made of fresh chicken breast broiled in white wine and topped with Serop’s famous creamy dill sauce and served with rice pilaf and vegetables. This dish will serve nicely as your “gateway dish” to the vast world of Mediterranean cuisine.

The chicken is juicy and savory, broiled to perfection and tastes as fresh as any chicken I’ve had. White wine and creamy dill sauce may seem like an odd combination, but it’s actually a sweet and sour dressing that brings out the savory chicken nicely and makes the flavors pop. Fluffy rice pilaf and roasted veggies bring the whole dish together in a full circle that encapsulates the foreign origin of the meal.

If you’ve never challenged yourself with a Greek dish, let this be your introduction. It’s an entire cuisine based heavily on fresh meat and vegetables with the exotic flair of the Mediterranean. It’s chocked full of good, healthy ingredients, but prepared with a new twist that makes their American counterparts seem dull. If you haven’t had it before, now is the time to try it.

Photo by Sean Richardson


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