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Kitchen: Fried PB&J Sandwich at Barcadia

Barcadia has managed to put together a string of restaurants and bars built on the nearly concrete fact that millennials have an obsession with their own childhoods. Binge watching Hey Arnold! and mashing away at our old N64 controllers is the fastest way to our hearts, so it makes sense that this barcade, chock full of pinball and air hockey machines, has the fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Fluffy white bread slathered in creamy peanut butter and grape jelly is almost as American as it gets. Take said sandwich, deep fry it and top it off with some powdered sugar and maple syrup and it’s actually as American as it gets.

This sandwich isn’t much for a meal. It’s listed on the appetizers menu – and for good reason. This deep fried concoction is a bit too small to suffice as your midday meal, but that’s not the reason to order one. You order the fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the experience. The knowledge that this sandwich is something you’ll have a very difficult time finding elsewhere. The idea of even a comparable sandwich is laughable. No one else is doing anything like this; that’s why you have to try it.

This childhood inducing appetizer is a prime example of what can be achieved by tapping into our fondest memories. PB&J sandwiches bring us back to a happier, easier time. Will the fried PB&J take you back to your time on the playground? Not exactly. But, it’ll bring back those memories as vividly as ever.


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