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Kitchen: Pinwheel Pretzels @ Rösch Bakehaus

It seems that everything is getting the “artisanal” makeover these days. Whether it’s homebrewed beer, hand roasted coffee beans, custom-made bars of soap or carefully crafted donuts, the consumers of the nation finally seem to be wising up to the benefits of supporting local business and avoiding the factory-grade products made strictly to the hit the bottom line. And with the overwhelming amount of choices in virtually every purchase we’ll ever make, it’s no surprise that even the humble pretzel has gotten the artisanal treatment.

Meet Rösch Bakehaus: “an artisan bakery specializing in small batch, handmade traditional German pretzels and old world – inspired lye breads,” according to the business’ Facebook page. This Baton Rouge shop was founded just last year, but has been turning heads in the craft bakery market since day one. That may not cover a whole lot of people, but in a culture that treasures both delicious bread and local business, it won’t take long for this place to hit the mainstream.

One of the menu options that caught the DIG eye was the Pretzel Pinwheels, which are “Rich German style pretzel dough wrapped up in a variety of flavors.” It looks like a massive cinnamon roll without the icing, but stuffed with filling more suited for an afternoon snack than a dessert. The flavors include spiced pumpkin dough with crushed pecans and raw sugar, shallot and rosemary with parmesan and thyme and Romano. Each would serve well for different times of the day, depending on what meal you’re either replacing or supplementing.

The pretzels are doughy, soft, and surprisingly filling. The cheese options provide the most bang for your buck, but the pecans and sugar makes for a nice treat.

Donuts seem to be the “it girl” of the artisanal bakery scene for now, but don’t be surprised if you start running into people enjoyed a fresh baked pretzel for that afternoon pick me up, compliments of Rösch Bakehaus.













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