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Kitchen: Pollo Asado @ The Rum House

Some dishes bring us to another time. Whether it’s an apple pie or a hefty pot roast, food has a way of taking us to moments in our past we’d like to get back. Usually, those moments occured in childhood over a homecooked meal that was made with love. While your grandmother herself may not have cooked the Pollo Asado at the Rum House, it’s still got the untouchable charm that certain home cooked meals just ooze.

The Rum House’s take on chicken is appropriately Caribbean, but more delicious than one would expect. The restaurant’s Pollo Asado is a juicy grilled chicken breast topped with chimichurri, a green spread made of tasty ingredients like garlic, olive oil, red pepper, cumin and more. It’s a sweet and savory addition to an already prime piece of meat that delivers the protein and flavor to rival any of their Caribbean competitors. The plump chicken breast is also served over a bed of sweet coconut mango rice with a side of jerk vegetables. It’s a unique flavor combination that surely difficult to find elsewhere. Caribbean cuisine has a knack for combining sweet, grilled flavors that are not usually combined, but are done so here with the flare and precision of a seasoned chef.

The chicken breast is grilled hot over an open flame. The grill marks are pronounced and elicit a Pavlovian dog-like response of salivation and hunger. Those grill marks, at their core, are a reminder of the hot fire over which it was cooked. It instinctively evokes safe, comforting feelings in people’s hearts, and that feeling is felt when this dish is eaten. Yes, it’s a foreign cuisine, but it’s been able to tap into a universal desire for a hot meal at the end of a long day. The Pollo Asado is not the most unique dish in the world, but what it does immaculately is remind a person of a home cooked meal.


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