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Kitchen: The Fruit Fantastico @ The Salad Shop

When it comes to health and beauty, the virtues of salad are as plentiful as the variations. You could eat a new kind of salad every day for the rest of the year without repeating, so finding a flavor that fits your tastes isn’t a tough task.

Even if you aren’t normally a salad person, but looking to get healthier for the New Year, the Salad Shop has a sweet, tasty option that appeals to the sweet tooth in all of us. The Fruit Fantastico is a strawberry laden, crispy and fresh option that anyone can enjoy.

It starts with a base layer of fresh baby spinach. This leafy green trumps iceberg lettuce every time for the amazing amount of vitamins K, A, B2, E, C and more. There’s a reason just a can of this stuff transformed Popeye into the toughest guy in the room.

Toppings on this salad include mandarin oranges, strawberries, edamame beans, feta cheese and toasted walnuts. Pile on a splash raspberry walnut dressing and some grilled chicken and you’ve got an affordable, filling lunch that makes your wallet and waistband happy.

The Salad Shop is churning out delicious, healthy salads for the Baton Rouge population and everyone who walks in walks out a healthier person. Eating right is on everybody’s resolution list, so be sure to stop by the Salad Shop, pick up a couple of salads on your way home from the gym and cross “be a fitness boss” off that list.


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