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Kitchen: The Munchie Roll @ Tsunami

Taco Bell has been dominating the incorporating-Doritos-into-their-food market lately. Not exactly surprising; it isn’t a move that most restaurants would even consider. Some places, however, seem to be taking a cue from the fast food chain and putting the high-calorie pseudo-Mexican snack food into their menu options. One restaurant in Baton Rouge is the local sushi hotspot, Tsunami. Yes, Tsunami has taken the ubiquitous munchie and wrapped it up in a delicious sushi roll appropriately named the Munchie Roll.

The tortilla chip-inspired roll is also made of salmon, cream cheese and avocado, so plenty of the classical sushi  elements are still present. Tsunami seems to have taken a hint from the fashion world by adding only one bewildering piece to an ensemble and it’s worked like a charm.

The more normal ingredients are as fresh as always. The salmon is light and flavorful, the cream cheese is decadent and the avocado is bold. It’s delicious, but rather standard. All that’s thrown on its head though with the crunchy inclusion of Doritos Nacho Cheese chips, which give the roll an element of strangeness. It’s unusual, for sure. But not unappreciated.

Part of running a restaurant is taking risks. If every hole in the wall served the same food as the last, nothing would stand out and everything would be boring. Tsunami has taken a risk here; walked out onto the ledge and hoped it would work out. It has this time, but that doesn’t mean it always will. And that’s okay.

If you’re the kind of eater that’s up for a challenge, one that meets bewilderment with excitement when looking at a new menu, this may just be for you. While this leap of faith has proven success, Tsunami’s willingness to take that leap in the first place is what truly shines in this dish.


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