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Late Night Grub

By Brad Jones

The night is coming to a close. You and your friends are starving. It’s getting late, or early, depending on how you look at it. Most places are closed. You could go home and make a cup of Ramen, but that won’t do. You need a warm plate of late night eats before the night comes to a close. What do you do? Lucky for you, DIG can help. This is your guide to late night eats.

First, here are five rules to late night eating:

  1. If it is covered in melted cheese, chili, or gravy, you are winning. If you have all three, even better. You are the champion of late night eats.
  2. Salty is good. Crunchy is good. Butter is great. Bacon is cheating.
  3. Breakfast is always an option. Always.
  4. Does it say fried? Get that.
  5. Share.

Now lets talk about where to go:

Louie’s Diner

The restaurant that has been serving late night eats since 1941. Louie’s is the classic late night diner; open 24 hours, serving classic diner plates. Did I mention they have breakfast all the time? With friendly staff and that 50’s diner feel, Louie’s should be your go to late night spot. You can’t go wrong with the breakfast items and the burgers, which are some of the best in Baton Rouge. Louie’s also has some of the best late night prices. Here are a few late night menu suggestions:

Combo #1: Two eggs to order, hash browns, toast, bagel, and bacon

Essentially the best breakfast for late night dinner you are going to find. (Pro tip: get the white bread toast and use to eat eggs)

Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs

Fried, thin steak. Check. Delicious gravy. Check. Eggs to order. Check. Tasty hash browns. Check. This is a hard one to share. Hits all of the late night eats rules.

Big Cheesy Lou

A classic cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun. And, you get to say, “Can I have the Big Cheesy Lou?” Need I say more?

Chili Cheese Hash Browns

Share with friends. Or else.

Schlittz and Giggles

With two locations in Baton Rouge, Schlittz and Giggles has your late night pizza craving covered. Yes, they have starters like nachos and garlic bread, but I go straight for the New York style pizzas. I always get the large and if I can’t eat the whole thing, I bring it home for lunch the next day. Here are a few suggestions:

The Big Pepperoni

The classic pepperoni pizza. Thin, large slices with the right amount of grease. Great balance of crust, sauce, and cheese.

The Kitchen Floor

For the night you are really hungry. Pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon, pepper, onions, mushrooms, olives, and cheese. (pro tip: fold the slices to minimize toppings falling off)

The Chimes

Also with multiple locations, The Chimes on Chimes is a Baton Rouge staple. Serving classic Louisiana dishes and bar snacks, Chimes has some great late night eats.

The Works Cheese Fries

Fried? Yes. Bacon? Yes. Spicy peppers? Yes. Melted cheese? Yes. It’s called “The Works,” so it must work, right?

Boudin Omelette

Traditional omelette, stuffed with boudin and cheese. How can you not like this for late night eats? Did I mention this is covered in gravy? So much awesome.

Red Beans & Rice with Sausage

The classic Louisiana late night (or any time) dish. The Chimes does this one right.


Of course, there are other options. Do you have a favorite spot? Do you have some great late night eats suggestions or photos? We would love to see them. Tag your photos or comments with #iDIGbr.


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