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By Claire Salinas

“Smooth and refreshing with subtle caramel undertones and a clean finish,” is how comedian Dave Stone describes his comedic style, which has helped launch his career to great heights, including a guest appearance on The Late Night Show. Originally from Atlanta, Ga., Stone will be debuting his talents for the first time in the Red Stick during his show on Thursday, Sept. 3 at The Spanish Moon.

“I’d like to think I’m original and funny,” says Stone. “I do a lot of stuff about the South, but I try to go at it from a different angle than your typical blue collar comedian. I try to keep it somewhat PG-13. I’m mainly autobiographical; there’s not a lot of one-liners or anything.”

The show will be hosted by Baton Rouge Comedy, formerly known as Green Room Comedy, and curated by Jeff Buck. Buck wanted to bring Stone out last summer, and he is thrilled this date finally fit into his schedule.

“He’s a phenomenal comedian; he’s been on The Late Night Show with Craig Ferguson and LA Weekly Magazine has previously rated him as 12 comedians to watch. I think he has a great way of storytelling. He definitely has a way of reaching the audience that a lot of comics don’t have.”

Previously Stone lived out of his van while performing for a little over two years. Stone explained his strange living situation is what helped establish him as a full-time comedian.

“It was just a means to an end as a way to live in Los Angeles and be a professional comedian,” said Stone. “The goal was to cut my expenses as much as possible and live an extreme version of a minimalist lifestyle. Since I’m on the road a lot anyway, I didn’t want to work two part time jobs just to afford an apartment when I wasn’t going to be there half the time. The van was a short term solution, but things don’t always go as planned and that turned into a little over two years.”

Stone will be preceded in his performance by James Austin Johnson, a fellow comedian from Los Angeles. Stone explained having an opener for his shows helps him to be better as a comedian.

“He’s a funny dude, he’s a Southern guy from Nashville, and we became buddies in Los Angeles,” said Stone. “I always like to bring my own opener because it’s nice to have a good travel companion, and I like to bring really good comics. Bringing someone guarantees I have someone really solid to set up the crowd in a proper fashion.”

Johnson’s style will serve to balance out Stone’s own comedic stylings.

“He’s a goofball and an absurdist,” said Stone. “He does a lot of voices and just silly stuff that I find really funny. It’s kind of a good balance as far as what I bring to the table.”

Two local acts will grace the stage before Stone and Johnson, including one of DIG’s own writers Katie East.

Buck explained having East as an opener adds personality to the show.

“She’s been doing stand-up comedy for a long time,” said Buck. “She moved to New Orleans and did stand-up comedy for a while. She’s also a heavy storyteller and very personal about her life, which is nice.”

Doors for the show open at 8 p.m., the show starts at 9 p.m. and Buck explained getting there early might not be a bad idea.

“We have limited seating, so if you feel like you want to get seated and comfortable by all means get there early,” said Buck. “We will have music playing, and a lot of the comedians will be hanging around if you want to talk to them; they’re very friendly.”

Stone encouraged people to venture forth even if they don’t recognize the names on the program. “In a lot of scenes people are hesitant to go see a stand-up comedy show unless it’s a celebrity, but I would always encourage people to check out their local comedy show,” said Stone.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10, and you must be 18 or older to enter the show.


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