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By: Matt Bennett

*Editors Note: This Event Takes place Sunday, September 20th NOT Sunday, September 26th as originally reported in the physical copy of the magazine.

When many think of an art exhibit, they probably envision a harshly lit room full of women wearing fedoras and men caressing their beards. She’ll say, “I wonder what the artist was trying to convey when they painted one black dot on a forty-foot white canvas?” He’ll take a sip of his red wine and respond, “Contemporary art is so profound.”

Forget what you thought you “knew” about an art show. Get the quiet museum backdrop out of your mind and replace it with a premiere nightclub. Substitute the pretentious chitchat with trip-hop music and swap the cotton canvas on a wall with a human one walking down a dynamic runway. Top it off with aerialists, contortionists and hula-hoops and experience: LAYERS: An Art Exhibit On Human Canvas on Sunday, Sept. 20 presented by Luminosity Productions.

“It’s an art show, but instead of painting on canvas they paint on bodies,” said body painter and fire performer Novelle Gibson. “The painters are going to be painting off stage; we’re going to have a live feed to what they’re doing so you’re going to get a little sneak preview of it throughout the night. Before that, we’re going to have some aerialist performance and some acrobatic performance and then we are going to do this really awesome dynamic runway.”

The painted models will bring the artists’ work to life with vibrant movements to the eclectic sounds of trip-hop and lounge music. However, the show doesn’t end after all the human canvases make their way down the runway. Instead, attendees can enjoy the art up close when models mingle with the crowd after.

LAYERS will showcase the work of numerous local artists along with very special guest, previous Skin Wars contestant and World Bodypainting Competition (Austria) participant, Angela René Roberts.

“We’re all pitching in to get this together,” said Gibson. “The scene as it is, is growing immensely. All the artists are really pulling together and starting to come out and show their work, which is awesome. This is just another aspect of that, of an already growing thing.”

From the beautiful artwork to the captivating movements of the models, this one of a kind art spectacle promises to showcase a variety of beautiful effects in unison. “It’s just another unique way to experience art. You get movement, you’re not just looking at something static,” said Gibson.

If you haven’t witnessed a body painting exhibition live before, do yourself a favor and experience this one.

“It’s going to be a show from the beginning to the end,” said Gibson.

LAYERS: An Art Exhibit On Human Canvas happens Sunday, September 20 at Splash Night Club in Baton Rouge. If you’re 18-20 tickets go for seven bucks; if you’re 21 and up they only cost five dollars. The show starts at 6 p.m. and goes until 11 p.m. Featuring an acrobatic performance by Out on a Limb, an aerial show by Airseekers, trip-hop and lounge music, artwork from nine local artists and special guest Angela René Roberts “it’s going to be a full experience.”


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