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Leftover turkey ideas you’ve never thought of

Nothing beats leftover turkey sandwich between two slices of white bread smother in some Hellmann’s, but how boring is that?!


This year, go outside the strangling confines of social norms and take control of your leftovers with these awesome ways to reuse your Thanksgiving turkey.

Keep it in your pockets

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Damn, DIG, you’ve officially fallen off your rocker.”

There’s probably some truth to that, but hear us out… If you are walking around with meat in your pockets, you know whose best friend you’ll be? All the dogs everywhere! You could be the cool person in the park who always has treats for dogs. Doesn’t everyone strive to be that person?

Pickle it?

We couldn’t find anything on the internet that says you can’t pickle turkey so…

Make a Turkeybread hut

Yeah, Christmas is on deck but let’s not rush off Thanksgiving. Pull up the kiddos, some condiments, toothpicks, and Aunt Linda’s stale dinner rolls and make yourselves a Turkeybread hut. Save the gingerbread for when it snows.

Julienne it over & over again

Practice your slicing skills and also keep busy so your relatives that are overstaying their welcome don’t drive you totally bat-shit crazy.

Host a turkey eating contest

Ah, pitting people against each other. Now that’s the true holiday spirit, right? But seriously, turkey gets super slimy if you don’t eat it fast so get that shit scarfed up ASAP. Don’t be wasteful now, ya hear?


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