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Lessons Learned

By Rickey Miller

Your freshmen year should be your best year. You’re finally an adult (kind of), living on your own, and pretty much able to control your own life with the financial help of mom and dad. Your freshmen year is the time to live it up, make new friends, and make lasting memories. However, it is also a time to make mistakes and learn from them. These are seven of the most important things you will learn outside of the classroom during your first year.

How to survive with little to no sleep

Whether it’s partying all night, pulling all night study sessions, or simply watching you favorite series on Netflix; getting eight hours of sleep is a thing of past. More than often you’ll find yourself forgetting an important paper or homework assignment that will keep you awake late or cause you to wake up super early to complete.

Your opinion is just an opinion

One of the biggest challenges you may face as a college freshman is realizing you’re now a small part of a very big and diverse community. Your classes are probably filled with many different types of cultures, backgrounds, and opinions. With this being said, every class has that one person that believes his/her opinion is the only opinion that matters. If that person is you here’s a word of advice – while your teacher may praise you for participation, most of your classmates will find you obnoxious and a “know-it-all” – you probably won’t make many friends.

College dating is so complicated; Being single can be a good thing

The worst dating mistakes are your freshman dating mistakes. You’re new, away from home, no rules, and plenty of opportunity to make bad choices. Some of the most common mistakes are jumping into relationships too soon or not establishing what type of relationship both individuals are looking to maintain. These issues can cause on-going arguments thus affecting your social life and GPA. Take it from us – enjoy your single college years as long as possible!

Multiple-choice tests are not as easy as you remembered

Remember when you were in high school and you loved multiple-choice test? Well, those days are over. Welcome to college where multiple-choice tests is another way of playing the game of chance. While most of your high school multiple choice tests were simple worded A, B, C, or D choices, one being the clear and correct answer – college multiple choice tests are full of complex wording, confusing concepts, and worst of all, tons of questions who answers will be – “None of the above” and “All of the Above.” The best advice we can give to you is always going with your first instinct, it’s usually correct.

Plans don’t always go as planned

If there is one thing you will learn very quickly, it is that life doesn’t always go as planned. As a matter of fact, with less than a month under your belt as a college student you’ve probably already had thoughts about changing your major. However, don’t stress; you’re in good company. Actually, according to collegeparents.org, studies show that up to 80 percent of college students change their major at least once during their college career. The best tip that we can give you is take as many general studies classes as possible your first year. By doing this you will knock out some of your required courses that you will need for any major your choose.

Your parents were right all along

“You guys are old fashion, times have changed”… was probably what you told your parents or at least thought when they would give you advice about relationships, school, or common life lessons. Well, get ready to eat your words because pretty soon you’ll realize they were right the entire time. You’ll find yourself on the phone with your parents asking for advice during your first college year and actually admitting to yourself “maybe they do know what they are talking about after all.” However your parents love you so much that they won’t even say “I told you so!” Well, maybe.

Which lies work and which ones don’t  

Whether you’re lying to your parents about money or lying to your professor about why you missed your deadline on your assignment; if there is one thing you’ll learn this year, it will be which lies to keep and which ones to never repeat. For instance, never tell a professor that the reason you didn’t turn in your assignment or come to class is because you were sick if you really weren’t. Most professors will require you to bring in a doctor’s excuse or else you can expect no mercy and a zero for your assignment.


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