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Lies and BullSh**

By Rickey Miller


Let’s face it – we all make those promises to ourselves to be a better self every January.  From health to academic goals, we name endless of things that we hope to accomplish or change going forward.  Unfortunately, just as quick as we make New Year resolutions, we forget them just as fast.  So what some of the top New Year resolutions never carried out through the year?  Well, we are glad you asked…


  1. I’m going to lose weight by working out more!  

says just about every human on earth.  While we start out very strong in the gym at least 4 days a week, February comes and we slowly began using the excuse “I won’t go today BUT I’ll stay extra tomorrow.”  Then that excuse turns into, “I’ll start back next week”… and before you know it, December is back and you haven’t lost any weight.  Actually, chances are you’ve probably gained some – but it’s ok we all do it!


  1. I’m going toeat better.

Food is the weakness many of us in the south has; however, it isn’t because we have nothing better to do but it’s because we have some of the best food in the world.  While we make this vow every year to eat better – our schedules become hectic, we don’t have time to cook, or we just simply can’t resist our favorite fattening foods.  So here’s a tip:  rather than proclaiming to eat better, simply cut back on your portion sizes, you’ll instantly start seeing changes in your body.


  1. I’m going to stop drinking alcohol.  

HAHA, with all of the drink deals in town?  Yea, good luck with that one.


  1. I’m going to make all A’s this semester!  

We do promote learning and succeeding in school however, if you need the New Year to come around to motivate you to do better in school chances are – you probably won’t actually put anymore effort into your school work than you have previously.


  1. I’m going to save money…

until you see that your favorite online store is having 50% off all sale!  Yea, this resolution just never seems be possible.


  1. I’m going to find “the one”

We hope you mean “the one, for now” because dating in 2016 won’t be any easier than dating in 2015.  Our suggestion:  Don’t look for a relationship – let it find you.


  1. I’m going to spend less time on social media…

until you find out that your ex has a new relationship.  Not only will you spend half of your time stalking their social media pages but you’ll probably make a few irrational choices.


  1. I’m going to control my road rage.

If this is your resolution, we hope you’re moving out of Baton Rouge.  There’s no secret that while Baton Rouge is a great city, the traffic and drivers are reckless.



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