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Local Baton Rouge act, Listen, Earth provides a unique blend of instrumental music that subtly intertwines heavy percussive elements with soothing guitar riffs. The band is made up of four friends: Ryan Rosenberg (guitar), West Lentz (guitar), Winston Scully (drums) and Josh Ydarraga (bass).

The four friends share a common bond of Christianity and are all regular attendees of First Baptist Church in Central, La.

“Three of us have been friends since high school and then we met Josh through playing at church and he just kind of hopped on,” Lentz said. “We started just hanging out. Musicians hanging out, [making] music,” Scully added. “It was never very intentional at first, we were all just goofing off.”

Listen, Earth has been around for around a year and a half but Roseberg, Lentz and Scully have played together for the better part of seven years.

“We all listened to a lot of metal growing up and I think that comes out a little bit in our music,” Lentz said. “From there, we listened to a lot of post-rock bands like Thrice and La Dispute. When we make music all of our influences come together and we just kind of play whatever we want, whatever comes out.”

Their post-rock and post-metal influences are complemented by their common interest in modern contemporary worship such as Jesus Culture and more mainstream influences like U2.

When asked if Baton Rouge had any impact on their music, Lentz replied, “If it is an influence, I wouldn’t say that it’s conscious. I feel like a lot of national acts skip Baton Rouge. The mainstream music exposure is limited. Baton Rouge has a fairly relaxed atmosphere though, which may come out in our music.”

Listen, Earth recently released their first two track demo which includes “Denver” and “Houston” and performed their latest new track, “Toronto” at Mud & Water this past week. The demo is available on the band’s Facebook page via a BandCamp link.

“We name all of our songs after cities in the world,” Lentz said.

The group plans to release a 4-5 song EP soon, sticking with that theme.

“The first song is called Aberdeen (a city in Scotland). We thought Aberdeen was a cool word and they have cool castles. We had named the song before we even named the band. Naming them after cities makes the meaning very ambiguous. You don’t really draw any conclusions about the songs. Each songs can mean something different to each person.”

Listen, Earth has received some booking support from another local act, Down Up Speed.

“They helped us get a few shows and were a big help in getting started,” Scully explained.

The band’s unique name seems to reach out and grab you.

“It comes from a verse in the Bible,” Lentz explained. “Micah is about to tell people something very important. He starts out by saying, ‘Listen, Earth.’ As in, you can’t miss this.”


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