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Local vegetable company Cultured Guru focuses on bettering digestive health

Cultured Guru, a fermented vegetable company by Kaitlynn Fenley and Jon Chachere, have been packaging their gut-healthy products in Baton Rouge since 2015. Fenley, a microbiologist with a passion for microscopes, and Chachere, the creative eye behind their stunning packaging and blog, have given us the most delectable way to improve your digestive system. 

With her scientific expertise, Fenley explains that the probiotics found naturally in fermented foods are leaps and bounds better than any probiotic supplements – which are growing in popularity. Cultured Guru’s vegetables are wildly fermented in American white oak barrels, which keeps them crispy and full of healthy bacteria that survive the entire digestive journey – even through your stomach acid. The bacteria improves nutrient absorption, immune function and digestive health. Compare that to supplements, which don’t always survive the journey through your gut.

A serving a day of Cultured Guru’s veggies or brine can start to improve your digestive health in just a few days. Fenley explains that a hefty dose of plants in your diet helps in the process (it needs the fiber), and the biggest deterrent to your gut health is processed foods. Preservatives are meant to stop bacterial growth, including the ones that your stomach needs for a healthy digestive system. 

The even better news: these products taste fantastic, and there are a ton of ways to use them, many of which can be found on their site. Kimchi is a great topper for all of your favorite Asian inspired meals, and the brine can be used any place you’d typically use a spicy sauce like sriracha. 

Sauerkraut makes a great salad or sandwich topper, and the brine is mild enough to add a teaspoon to oatmeal or smoothies and go virtually undetected (I tried it, it’s true!). The pickles are crispy and snackable enough to stand alone. 

Fenley explains that the ultimate test of gut health is what happens at the end of the digestive process – what goes in impacts what comes out. Fenley, an advocate for the end of the digestive process, says that the emoji actually got it right – that’s the goal! 

Find Cultured Guru products at Whole Foods, Alexanders, Southside Produce, and Iverstine Butcher. Follow along their gorgeous Instagram feed for inspiration. 


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