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Look out below! Risk of falling debris near capitol building

First, the area of downtown BR near the State Capitol Building was plagued by a mystery stench. Now, pedestrians in the area will also have to be on the lookout for falling rock-like debris.


With no budget available for the state to maintain the exterior of the 86-year-old Capitol building, mortar has begun to come away from the facade, falling hazardously to the street below.

While the risk of falling hunks of masonry is bad enough, the crumbling mortar is responsible for holding the building’s limestone panels in place, which weigh as much as a ton each.

In response to the rain of crumbling material, the building’s main entrance, which stands directly in the path of danger, was closed almost three years ago.

Repairs required to remedy the situation could cost as much as $60 million dollars. In the meantime, a domelike steel structure has been erected near the building’s main entrance which will allow it to reopen, and hopefully mitigate the risk of injury from falling debris.

If you find yourself in the area of the area of the Capitol Building, you might want to consider a hard hat. And think twice about where you park your car – mortar falling from 34 floors up can really do a number on your paint job.


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