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LSU vs. Alabama: So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

After traveling across the country to Colorado to return a briefcase that he believed was misplaced, Lloyd Christmas again met Mary Swanson and asked her if there was a chance that they could be together.

Swanson, obviously not interested, said the chances of that happening were not good – close to one in a million.

Christmas, obviously not deterred, spewed one of the best one-liners in 1990s slapstick Hollywood.

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance,” he said.

Now, let’s talk about LSU athletics.

The Tigers are taking on Alabama next weekend – the behemoth of college football.

Las Vegas says the Crimson Tide are a 24-point favorite in the game, which tells us that they believe LSU has virtually no chance to win the game.

But I am not yet ready to give the Tigers a 0 percent chance to win.

My math adds up a little bit closer to 1 or 2 percent.

My Lloyd Christmas in this game is LSU offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

With him on LSU’s side, I’m telling you all, yes, there is a chance that the Tigers beat the Crimson Tide.

It’s no secret. Alabama has owned LSU in recent years. They’ve won every, single game in the series since the Tigers’ 9-6 victory over the Tide in the 2011 season.

Talent has been a role in that. The Crimson Tide have the No. 1 recruiting class virtually every year – a luxury which has built unbelievable depth onto the team’s roster.

But scheme is a big part of it, too.

Under Les Miles/Cam Cameron, LSU had no shot to win in this game. They were doomed before the opening kickoff.

The game plan was to run power runs into the teeth of Alabama’s massive defensive line, which, simply, wasn’t ever going to work.

The Crimson Tide shut down LSU easily and kept the Tigers off balance in most of the games.

Some of the battles were close because of dominant defense by LSU, but Alabama’s depth would always prevail in the end and they’d find a way to win.

That may happen again this year, but in Canada, the Tigers do have a fly in the ointment, which gives them a puncher’s chance.

Canada won’t be predictable against the Tide. He won’t run dives into 8-man fronts over and over again.

He will spread the field, create unbalanced lines and do things to try and keep Alabama off balance.

In SEC play, his use of jet sweeps has confused opposing defenses. That’s been a big-time, go-to play.

But his formation alignments have also created busted coverages, advantageous blocking matchups and big plays.

That’s what LSU needs.

The idea that this LSU offense will have a 14-play, 85-yard drive on Alabama’s defense is comical. But if they can trick the Tide into giving up a 40-45-yard chunk here or there, maybe LSU can sneak its way to 20 points.

From there, maybe that’s enough for the team’s defense to salt this one away as an upset.

That’s a lot of if’s and maybe’s, of course, which is why the Tigers are a huge underdog in the game.

But I’m telling you that there’s a chance – a small chance – that LSU can maybe get a few points on the scoreboard.

If that happens, who knows what might happen.


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