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LSU’s 2 Chainz

By Claire Salinas

For Jon Cefalu love for LSU is a “family thing,” something that he “grew up with.”

His love has blossomed into full-fledged fandom. He has been serenaded by Les Miles (the song, “Happy Birthday;” the occasion, Cefalu’s birthday), recorded rap songs about LSU that have been played in the football tam’s weight room, and has starred in a music video uploaded to LSUSports.net as LSU’s superhero.

Cefalu – known as J.C. to many fans and famous for his catch phrase, “Ye ye” – does a lot of things to show his commitment to the team, but there are a few things he feels like set apart super-fans from the crowd.


1.  Get the Gear

To Cefalu, you’re not a real fan unless you’re sporting apparel that supports the team.

“I have a lot of LSU hats, shirts shorts and even LSU shoes, which I customized online at Nike.com. I also have an LSU watch and an LSU wristband that I always put on when I’m going to meet up with friends.”


2.  Keep up with the commentary 

On game day Cefalu always starts his day off the same way.

“ I wake up early and I watch ESPN Game Day to get me going and find out who’s playing. Not only am I a big LSU football fan, but I’m also a huge college football fan, so I like to know what’s going on with all the other teams, but I hate ‘Bama.”

Cefalu doesn’t confine his monitoring to game day, he keeps up with the commentary surrounding the games all throughout the week.

“I always watch the TV shows Inside LSU football with Les Miles after the games and

I always try to go to the Les Miles shows on Wednesday nights at TJ Ribs. He even sang me Happy Birthday one time.”

As a regular attender of the Les Miles show, Cefalu has had the chance to meet the coach and show off some of his LSU pride.

“I started rapping about my love for LSU back in high school. I made some songs, put them on a CD and gave it to Les Miles at one of his shows when they were at Walk-on’s. He said he liked it.”

Cefalu got confirmation that the coach really did like his music when players began to tell him they had heard his songs in the weight room.


3. Support the Players

A player’s state of mind can have a huge impact on the way they perform on game day.

Cefalu feels like every fan should make an attempt to encourage players before the big day.

“I would also say if you’re a student try to get to know the players a little bit.  Don’t be like, ‘Oh they are in my class. I’m not going to make it a priority to get to know them.’ I’ve actually reached out to them a lot. When they’re facing big opponents I think it helps for them to get encouragement. If you don’t go to LSU you could also reach out to them on social media.  Most players have Instagram or Twitter and you could try to talk to them and reach out through that.”

If you’re looking to meet Cefalu at a game he’ll be the guy walking around with an LSU hat on, chugging a Monster to get “hyped up,” and sporting his purple and gold “chains,” better known as dice beads.

Don’t worry if you don’t run into him though, because you’ll probably see him getting down to the fight song on the jumbotron.


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