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Main Squeeze Juice Co. plans to expand, serves an array of colorful menu items

Main Squeeze Juice Company is making a bright, colorful splash in Baton Rouge and more headed our way. After having opened their first two locations, they are actively looking to expand, keeping their eye on the Southdowns and Bocage areas next. If the Ben Hur or Long Farm locations aren’t near you, be on the lookout out for a bright, bold new location coming soon. 

We sampled some of their most colorful and off-the-wall options on a visit to their adorable store, adorned with plants and wall sculptures. We detailed some of their boldest hues below.

Blue Tart Smoothie  

This electric blue smoothie lives up to its name, with the sharp-tasting flavor coming from pineapple and the distinct blue color coming from a nutrient-dense algae superfood added in called Blue Majik. Blue Majik is a spirulina extract rich in antioxidants, protein, enzymes and over 65 nutrients. The smoothie itself tasted like a whipped, refreshing pineapple. They don’t use ice in their smoothies, giving them an extra frothy feel. 

Pitaya Bowl 

Pitaya bowls are as easy on the stomach as they are on the eyes. Pitaya is dragon fruit with a pink flesh, making the bright, colorful smoothie bowls you see popping up all over town. Main Squeeze keeps their ingredients simple – pitaya, banana, almond milk and honey (optional) – letting the pitaya flavor be the star. Pitaya contains prebiotic, is anti-inflammatory and high in fiber. 

Black detox juice

Much less alluring in look – but just as intriguing in taste – is their Detox juice. It contains water, lemon, agave and charcoal, giving it an eerily dark black color. The activated charcoal is meant to remove toxins from your digestive tract, and despite it’s scary look, it tastes just like a yummy lemonade. 

Main Squeeze serves up the entire fruity rainbow with a wide range of options from sweet to veggie-heavy. Next time your summer sweet tooth hits, go for a beautiful, guiltless option from Main Squeeze. You can even order items “elevated” to lower the sugar in case your sweet tooth isn’t toosweet. 


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