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Meet Chef Phillip Beard, Who’s Bringing Chef-Driven, Affordable Food to Bumsteers

If you have passed the Perkins overpass area recently, you can’t help but notice the gorgeous new rooftop patio being built in the former Crispy Catch space. Bumsteers, as the giant sign suggests, will be Baton Rouge’s latest local burger joint. Manning the kitchen at Bumsteers is Chef Phillip Beard. We sat down with Phill to get his story and the scoop on his new spot.

Chef Phillip Beard of Bumsteers

Phill comes by way of D.C. and Texas, but he has called Baton Rouge restaurants his home for over 15 years. You may have seen Phill Beard (and his beard) at the Bulldog or Pelican House, his more recent gigs. Now, he has his first shot at calling all the shots with Bumsteers.

When asked about what he hoped to deliver with Bumsteers, he spoke very passionately about building a neighborhood spot where people can eat all the foods they love in one spot. He envisions a place where people with wide ranges in food preferences can all enjoy a great meal together in a friendly atmosphere.

Phill wants to create “chef-driven, local, affordable food to the neighborhood.” He noted that pulling that off meant getting really creative with ingredients and flavor profiles while paying serious attention to detail. Luckily, at Bumsteers, he has the time and artistic license to cultivate every single dish obsessively. He even had an entire team behind him vetting and deciding if each item created was the perfect fit for their menu.

He speaks about his team with gratitude and respect. When asked about his favorite feature of the building, he said it was definitely his kitchen since he was able to design it in a way that flows well and allows the entire team to work together, instead of in silos. He does admit that most people will say it’s the rooftop, which will have a bar, games, a kids area and lots of patio seating.

We have not seen a full menu but did get a glimpse into an item Phill is really excited about, Bumfries – fries covered in cheese, gravy, bbq, jalapenos, and fresh pico. There is no struggle to relate to that excitement!

Bumsteers will also feature Burger Battles, which will allow guests to order the week’s two battling burgers and decide who wins. Diners will receive a slider-sized version of each burger, labeled with flags. After finishing, guests turn in their favorite’s flag for scorekeeping. The week’s winning burger will stay in the battle and face a new burger competitor the next week.

The chef says that his burgers are always seasoned all the way through as the beef is grounded, ensuring that every bite tastes as meaty as the first one. In addition to burgers, you can find other casual favorites like tacos and nachos.

We know that a late menu is in the works, and there are plans for beer dinners and dining events in the future, as well. Phill is also steadfast on the quality of to-go orders being the same as if you enjoyed it at Bumsteers, so we know that take out is in their future.

We are excited to watch Chef Phill take the reins and glad he and the Bumsteers team have called Baton Rouge home. Follow along on Instagram for their upcoming opening dates!


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